Volume (6) Issue (1) January 2016 Abstract Paper
Amro Mohamed Galal
The Impact of Technological Evolution on the Design of Cinematic Picture
15 23
Lin Wang
Zhenyi Su
Sophia Ainslie
Hui Chen
(Corresponding author. E-mail: chuidesign@163.com)
Confocal Images and Visual Design
25 32
Amira Kadry
The Persuasive effect of using Visual Metaphors in Advertising Design
33 40
N. Mahmoud
Ahmed El Shaikh
Bahira Gebaly

Overview of Cooling Effect on the Thermal Comfort for Car Drivers
41 50
Haitham Mohamed Galal Mohamed
Industrial Design Role in Creating Daily use Products Inspired by Space Artifacts
51 55
Mervat MedhatAli
Feasibility Study methodologies Applied for the Introduction of a Graphic Design for Media Bachelor Program on Basis of Academic Accreditation Criteria
57 69
Doaa Ismail Ismail Attia
Impact Of Society Cultural Trends On House Design Identity
71 79
Maha Mohamed Amer
Arabic Calligraphy in the Design of Contemporary Printed Wall Hangings
91 101
Hadeel Farahat Mohamed Abd El Sabour
Sports Logo As a Marketing enhancement tool of Printed Sports Wear
103 112
Aliaa Bent Abdel Aziz Al Fadda
A Suggested Proposal for Saudi Touristic Jewelry Design and Marketing Approach
113 118
Randa Darwish Mohamed
Braille Readability in Packaging Design of Egyptian Pharmaceutical
Packaging for Visually Impaired
119 126
Rania Mosaad Saad
Applications of planned behavior theory in the design of smart open
Kitchen furniture to boost performance
127 140
Fawzy Saied Sherif
A New Prospects to Enhance the Commercial and Economical Status in Textile Industry
141 148
Nasr Mostafa Mohamed Mostafa
Digital printing as an alternative printing system for short run label production
151 157
Mohamed Hasan Ahmed Mohamed Emam
The Influence of the Intellectual evolution in Furniture Design across Modernism Trends on contemporary Design
159 167
Rehab Mahmoud Mohamed Kamel Al Hebary
The interrelationship between Aesthetics and Ergonomic Aspects in the process of Product Design
169 175
Sherif Atia Mohamed Badran
Methods of employing digital Images into 3DTV Production
177 186
Safa Ebraheem Abdel Fattah Hanafy
The role of sacred geometry in enhancing the appearance of industrial design products
187 200
Nermin Maged Al Kasaby
Creativity in the design of the entrance chair in reference to the aesthetics of global design foundations.
201 214
Said Sobhey Badawi
An innovative Method for the Construction of woven flat flexible Cable (FFC)
215 224
Nesreen Nasr Eldeen Hassan
The Effect of Using Laser Engraving on Seam Properties
of Weaving Denim Products
225 231
Sherif Atia Mohamed Badran
Methods of animating digital photos in the TV ad
233 249
Rehab Gomaa Ibrahim
Fragrance Finishing of Cellulosic Fabrics
251 259

Awatef Baheeg Mohamed Ebraheem
The Environmental and Performance Properties Of woven Duck Fabrics for Special Use

265 280

Islam M. Obeidat, Ph.D.
Saif M. Obeidat, Ph.D.
Designing for the Elderly: Comfort, Health and Well-Being

281 290
Najla Amin Sheikh Naim
Nadia Mahmoud Khalil
Thoraya Ahmed Sayed Nasr

Factors Affecting Traditional Costumes  in Al- Madeeinah Al- Munawara
291 313
Mohamed Hasan Ahmed Mohamed Emam
The conceptual design of the basic unit of adminstrational Design Work Cells building Unit
315 323
Wafaa Abd Elradi
The concept of Zero waste fashion and macramé technique to boost up the innovation of women garments designs inspired by Nubian motifs
325 337
Bahaa bint Ibrahim bin Abd Al Aziz Al Muhaideb
Dr. Massoudah bint Alam Qurban

The Development of Formative Performance for Productive Families for a role in the revitalization of the marketing movement (A Case Study)  (Full Thesis)
339 352
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