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Volume (8) Issue (1) January 2018 Paper Abstract
Usability of Children's Educational Websites(Case study on External Educational Books Websites in Egypt)
Dr. Marwa I. Soliman El Nekhaly
Using Luminous Fabric in Creating Fashion Designs for Women inspired by Greek's Costumes
Dr. Olfat Shawki Mohamed Mansour
Dr. Rasha Wagdy Khalil Ibrahim
Economically affordable wedding gowns inspired by Hanbok
Dr. Doha Eldemerdash
Dr. Wedian Talaat Madian,
Rana Ahmed labib Ginina,
Aesthetics of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) in Illuminating Women Smart Fashion Design
Dr. Doha Mostafa EL Demerdash
Additive manufacturing technology and implications on contemporary industrial design
Dr. Wamedh Abdel Kareem Mohsen
Interior Courtyard and its Impact on the Well-being of Inhabitants
Dr. Fawzi A. Al-Zamil
The Effectiveness of a Constructive Learning Model in the Development of Embroidery on Knitting Knowledge and Skills
 Dr. Asmaa Aly Ahmed
Dr. Atiat Aly Abdel Hakeem
An Aesthetical study on the use of Roman Lace in University Student Clothes
 Dr. Asmaa Aly Ahmed
Dr.  Ragaa Mostafa Mohamed
An optimum standard techniques of Two-For-one-Twister m/c for combed cotton yarns.
Dr. Amr Hamdy Allithy
Predicting the seam efficiency of sewn blended fabrics using ANN and linear regression models
Dr. Najwa Ali Abu Nassif
Design elements and their application in domestic garments for hiding body flaws
Dr. Naglaa Mohamed Teama
Dr. Ghada Shaker Afify
Aesthetics of Graffiti Art in the Design on the Mannequin
 Fadia Mofleh Saleh Al Khataby
Dr Abeer Ibrahim Abdel Hameed
An analytical study on the the impact of 3D printing on fashion and clothing
Dr. Marwa Abu El Esaad
Dynamic furniture design in contemporary house
Dr. Ahmedd Sameer Kamel Aly
Structural Systems Of flowers of  Egypt for the design of Contemporary wood work
Prof Abdel Monem Al Hagan
Dr. Mohmed Abdel Baset
Maha Abdel reheem
The optimum Properties of Treated Knitted Fabrics to Resist Growth of Bacteria (candida albicans)
Prof. Ahmed Aly Salman
Prof. Heba Asem Desouky
Fatma Shazly Abdel Al
Artistic Values of surfaces treatment with Mokume Gane Style to produce a high Value superficial and colorful Metal Jewelry Artwork
Dr. Masouda Alem Korban
Designing Composite Fabric for Strengthening Concrete Slabs
Prof. Osama M. Qobassi.
Prof. Mohamed Abd El Gawad.
Associate. Prof. Dr. Sayed Hussein Sayed
Asmaa kamel Attia Mohamed.
Recycled jeans in innovating women clothing using design on the mannequin technique
Dr. Hanaa Abdulah Al Nawawy
Dr. Doaa Abdel Kader Al Katry
The aesthetic and expressive values in lithography techniques and their role in reviving the Saudi identify
Dr. Mariam Bent Mohamed Al Amry
A Comparative Study on Manual And compuerized 3D Programs In Drawing Flat Pattern For Female Trousers
Fedaa Bent Khedr Ben Khalid
Dr. Rania Mostafa Kamel
Dr. Shadia Salah Hasan
Aesthetics of Light in the Works of the Artist Rafie Nasiri
Dr. Enas Husain Aly
A plastic value system of Ottoman mosaic in Turkey as a source for printed wall hangings design
Prof. Sohair Mahmoud Othman
Prof. Rania Alsaid Al Araby
Asmaa Abdel Hakam
Effect of constructional parameters of three- dimensional honeycomb fabric on their physical and comfort properties
Dr. Hayam Al Ghazaly
Dr. Hanan Abdula Al Amoudy
Weaving and embroidering in the design for functionality of upholstery fabrics
Prof. Osama Ezzel Deen Halawa
Nermeen Mohamed Amer
Prof Mohmed Al Saied Dorgham
Enriching Clothes produced using pattern design and laser cutting technology
Dr. Nafesa Ahmed Elwan
Dr. Rasha Abdolmoty Mahmoud
The Effect Of Merchandising Second Hand Clothes On Readymade Manufacturing In Arab Republic of Egypt Clothing
Dr. Wesam Mohamed Ibrahim
Application of leather materials in the design of Frame Spectacles
Zhang Zhenzhong
An investigation into  the restoration of historical costumes  applied to the historical dress of Mrs. Safia Zaghloul
Islam Abdel MOnem Husain
Dr . Harby Ezedeen Alnagar
Dr. Abdulla Abdulmenm
Dr. Ghada Awad
Reham Al Tantawy
A criteria for using Parametric Design in two dimensional Wall surfaces
Professor Salwa Abo Elela Mahmoud 
Dr. Heba Tullah Osman Zohny
Omnia Hamdy Hendi
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