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 Volume (4) Issue (1) January 2014 Abstract Paper
Dr Hayam Mahdy Salama
Problems facing the application of Islamic wooden artifacts ornaments in contemporary Islamic style interiors
Dr. Emad Eldin Sayed Gohar
Norms of Pattern Making Using Sample Measurements Table In The Readymade Garments Industry
Dr. Ebtesam Mohamed Khamees
Factors affecting methods of obtaining Egyptian folk art heritage from its origin to accentuate the identity in interior design
Dr. Osama Yousef Mohamed
Service Design as one of the Environmental Considerations to Achieve Sustainability in Product Design and Development
Dr Eman Ahmed Abdalla
The role of wise sayings and proverbs as a cultural heritage used in printing children clothes
Dr Eman Mohmed Ahmed Hashem
Creativity and Innovation in Product Design as a Competitive Advantage
Dr Mohmed Elsaied Dorgham
The Impact of Yarn Cleaning Phase in Winding Process on the Properties of the Final Performance
Dr Ahmed Gamal Eldeen Belal,
The Impact of the Fotoform avant-garde group (1949-1958) in Germany, On the Modern Photography art Concepts
Prof. Islam Abdulmenem Hussain
Dr. Nashwa Abdelraouf Tawfeek
Eman Gamal Eldeen Masoud
Effect of sterilization methods on the functionality Of operation room gowns
Dr Dina Ahmed Nafady
The use of aesthetic plastic formulations of ancient Egyptian art plant elements through hanging design for children's rooms
Dr. Layla Amer Al Qahtani
A strategy for Designing an Effective Guide and a Software to Facilitate Communication with Deaf Persons
Dr. Reda Bahy-ELDin Moustafa Youssef
Ideology of Teaching Interior Design of Tourist Facilities between Theory and Practice
Dr Naglaa Taema
Dr Ghada Shaker
The Plastic Extents of Some Modern Art Trends and Its impact on Fashion Design for Girls Preferences
Dr. Khaled Sendiony
The Interactive Relationship between Industrial design and architecture
Prof. Hasan Soliman Rahma
Dr Eman Fadl Abdelhakam Ayoub
Dr Khalid Mohmed Seddek
Effect of take-off stopping and washing process on selected properties of micro fibers pleated fabrics
Dr. Hany M. El.Said,
Dr. Maha Ibrahim,
Pulped Furniture - The reapplication of an old technology with an echo-material
Maha Abdullah Al Senan
The Worth of Art - The Future of the Art Market in Saudi Arabia
DR Maysoon Mohamed Qutb
Advertising publications between design philosophy and thinking engineering
Dr. Mohmed Mahmoud El Araby
The aesthetical analysis of Islamic heritage sites as a principle action in designing its urban spaces “Analytical study of consecrated sites of medina
Shaima Mahmoud Halabia
Prof. Roshdy Aly Eid
Dr Eman Gamal Ghozy
Dr Mohmed Mahmoud Zainoeldeen
An interactive self learning tool using advanced digital technologies
Dr. Saied Anwar El.Malky,
Dr. Mohmed Awamy Ahmed,
Low fused alloys as an educational and industrial aid, Practices in casting and electrodeposition forming
Prof. Nadia M Khalil
Prof. Ahmed W Moustafa
Prof. Salam M El Hafez
Dr Sanaa M fathy
Anthropometric measurements of the human feet and its relationship to women's shoes design
Dr. Manal Helal Ayoub ,
A. Professor George Wageeh Aziz,
Interaction design of grip form of manually handled tools and Organic constructing (In view of Zdeněk Kovář approach)
Dr.  Zainab Ahmed Abdel Aziz
Integrating Hieroglyphic, English and Arabic Alphabet to enhance youth clothing and accessories decorative patterns.
Dr. Sadeka abdel Shakour,
Dr. Magdy Ibrahim,
Postmodern furniture inspired by the local Emirati heritage elements and vocabulary
Dr. Mohmed Ahmed Mohamed Rahoma
Recent developments in hang ceilings in Egypt
Dr. Olfat Shawki  Mohamed
Dr. Wafaa Abd Elradi

Studying of Egyptian woman's robes characteristics and Tutankhamun's jewelry motifs to create fashionable designs
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