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 Volume (4) Issue (3) July 2014 Abstract Paper
Dr. Wesam Moustafa Ayada (UAE)
The Effectiveness of Employing Stereoscopic Three Dimensional Techniuques in TV Advertisements production (in arabic)
Dr. Nermin Ahmed Sabry Helal (Egypt)
Self-Healing Coatings In Interior Design & Furniture Between Fact and Fiction
Dr. Shereen Mohamed Sayed El Sobky (Egypt)
A Suggested Program for the Development of Manual Skills of South Sinai Women (in Arabic)
Dr. Shereen Mohamed Sayed El Sobky (Egypt)
A Study on the Technical Specifications of the Fashion Designer's Portfolio of Women's Outer Wear
Dr. Hanan Saud Al–Hazza (KSA)
The Problematics of contemporary Saudi art receiving , an overview of the local and global perspective
Prof. Dr. Abdel Rehim Ramdan Abdel Ghani (Egypt)
Dr. Wafaa Abdel Radi Qorshi
Dr. Eman Rafat Saad El-Sayd
Aya Fathy Abdel Hamid Ahmed Romyia
Treatment of Children’s Garments Natural Fabrics for Protection Against Ultraviolet Radiation
Dr. Mohmed Hasan El Khashab (Egypt)
Activating the Concept of "Creative System" for Enhancing the Competitiveness of Glass Production Corporations
Dr. Asmahan Ismael Al Naggar (Egypt)
The use of the laser beam to raise the aesthetic  values of boot design
Dr. Amro Gamal Eldeen Hassona
Dr Nesreen Abdelwahab AlMeleegy
Amany Alsaied Awad El Desouky (Egypt)

Baroque Style Costumes As an Inspirational Source for Haute Couture Fashion

Dr. Sanaa Abd-Elgawad Eissa (Egypt)
Design for context and pattern
Dr. Sanaa Abd-Elgawad Eissa
Dr. Mona Mahmoud Shams Al Deen
Methods of Decal production and their magnitude as a competitive value of table wear
Dr. Hassan Rasheed (Egypt)
A Comparative Study onTraditional and Modern Ceramic Inks
Dr. Nermin Maged AlQasaby (Egypt)
Means of Achieving Dynamism in the Interior Design of Contemporary Houses
Dr. Maged Kamal (Egypt)
Effect of adoption the Visual Production Planning and Control System (VPPCS) in Apparel Manufacturing Companies
Dr. Eman Salah Eldeen Abdel Hameed (Egypt)
Advertisment Character Charisma for the Enhancement of the Product Credibility
Dr. Eman Salah Eldeen Abdel Hameed (Egypt)
Ignoring the elderly in television advertising campaigns
Prof. Maysa Fekry Ahmed El- Sayed (Egypt)  
Dr. Eman Mohamed Anees Abd El-Aal
Sally Sayed Mahmoud
The Advantages of Social Networks Marketing for Women Casual Clothes Printed Designs Inspired by Islamic Art
Dr. Noha sayed Mohamed Afify (Egypt)
Creativity in Decorative Islamic Star Patterns
Dr. Ashraf Husain Ebraheem (Egypt)
Intellectual diversity of perforations as a source of new constructions realizations in interior space
 Dr. Abeer Hamdi Mohammed (Egypt)
Enhancing the performance of industrial designers using Balanced Scorecard
Dr. Nashwa Mostafa Hafez Mohamed
Dr. Nesreen Nasr Eldeen Hassan (Egypt)
Effect of Thread Type and Tension Control on Cotton Fabric Sewability
Dr. George Wagih Aziz Badawy (Egypt)
Futurology and the foresight of future design concept
Dr. Foton Foad Abdelkader Fayoumy (KSA)
An Art therapy Strategy in Association with Clinical Physical Therapy
Dr. Amal Mohamed El-Moursy
Dr. Abeer Ibraheem Mohamed
The Effect of Single and Double Yarns in Cotton Fabrics on the Removal of Stain
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