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 Volume (4) Issue (4) October 2014 Abstract Paper
Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Taha Almandrawy
Metal Bio-Façades and Decreasing of Thermal Effect
Dr. Mohamed Hassan Al Khashab
A suggested methodology for evaluating the  Industrial glass design  by using the concept of (Sigma – σ)
Dr. Mohammed Tawfik Abd Ellfattah
Web Design for Color Blind Persons
Dr. Sahar Ahmed Ebraheem mansour
 Factors affecting the design of printed upholstery fabrics
Dr. Nancy Abdel Maboud Al Sawy
Dr. Faten Mohmed Abdeltawab
The impact of some applied systems of honeycomb textile on functional and aesthetic properties of curtain fabrics
Prof. Samir Ahmed Tantawy Zaher
Dr. Rawia Aly Aly Abdel Baky
Improving The Functional Properties Of Ladies Clothing By Using Blended Yarns Of Exhaust Linen With Cotton 
 Dr. Enass Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan
The Impact of the Augmented Reality Technique in building the Museum’s Signage Systems
Ahmed Mohmed Awad
Prof. AbdelRahman Bakr
Dr Ashraf Hussain
The National Museums' Archeticture between Designers Vision and National Cultural Objectives
A Case Study of both the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the Grand Egyptian Museum
Dr. Maged Kamal
Main Factors Influencing the German Buyers’ Satisfaction in Sourcing Ready-Made Garments from Egypt
Dr. Nagwan Fathi Mahmoud Mahmoud Badran
Towards Branding of Egyptian Academic libraries' Websites
Dr. Radwan, S., S.,
Effect of Plain Rib Direction on fabric properties
Dr.  Rasha abdelrahmen Al Nahas
Nano Technology in the production of protective clothing for users exposed to the danger of Ultra violet rays
Dr. Amany M. Shaker
Utilizing the Leno Weave Aesthetic Values in Teaching Weaving for Art Education Students
Dr. Rania Elsayed Elaraby Mohamed Elmasry.
Innovating designs for printed upholstery fabrics inspired from elements of tapestries of Haraneya’s Art Center.

Dr. Maher Hussain Arakeib
Dr. Saied Abdul Ghaffar Al-Ananey
Obtain Crystalline Glaze Without Fire Systems Followed to Fire The Crystalline Glaze  

Dr. Mohamed Shohdy Ahmed
Impact of new lighting technologies on the performance  and design of lighting fixtures

Dr. Eman Mohmed Ahmed Hashem
Qualification Requirements of Industrial Designers in Light of modern Changes in Design Field

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Hassan
Management and planning display and directed projects, interior design and furniture
Dr. Mahmoud Farouk Elfeky
Dr. Tamer Ali Abdel Mageed

Ean-13 barcode printing using variable plate line screens and plate dots in packaging

Dr. Khalid M. El Shiekh
Prof. Rayan Abdullah
Dr. Doha Eldemerdash
Ziad Aouda
Techniques for facing Impenetrability encountered in utilizing Arabic graffiti in designing youth apparel

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