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 Volume (5) Issue (2) April 2015 Abstract Paper
Dr. Saied Abdel Ghafar Enany
A new unconventional method to avoid smoking risk and to control  the aesthetics for pottery surfaces
Dr. Laila Amer Al Qahtany
Signage systems and impact on sustainability of hospitals interior design
Dr. Amany Ahmed Khedr
Dr. Ola Mohmed Samir Esmaiel

A new perspective of the functionalism theory in the application of kinematic interior design technology (A case study on residence dwelling) 
Dr. Hoda Ahmed Ragab Abdel Rahman
The Competitive ability in the design of printed upholstery fabrics as a small scale enterprise for the enhancement the Egyptian economy
Dr. Ahmed W. Moustafa
A compilation of anthropometric data for generic design purposes
Dr. Khalid Mahmoud Elsheikh
Fighting counterfeiting, suggested strategies to protect apparel and products designs
Dr. Manal Mohamdy Taha Al Adawy
Origami as a Sculptural Art in Textile Printing Design
Dr. Doaa Ismail Ismail Attia
Biomimicry in Eco–Sustainable Interior Design: A Natural Ventilation Approach
Dr. Enass Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan
The semiotics of pictogram in the Signage Systems
Dr. Manal Helal Ayoub
A simplified procedure for anamorphic sculpture
Dr. Ahmed Safy Eldeen Mohmed Zakaria
The use of ecological alternatives in constructing usable engineering models in recreational areas
Dr. Olfat Shawki Mohamed
Dr. Wafaa Abd Elradi
Designing a training program to develop the students' skills in building fashion design portfolios
Dr. Rehab Mohmed Aly
Dr. Awatef Baheeg Mohmed
Prof. Mohmed Abdel Monem Ramdan

Treatment of Gauze Fabrics with Chitosan loaded Silver Nanoparticles for Use in Medical Fields
Dr. Mohamed Elsaied Dorgham
Dr. Mohamed Abd El-Gawad Abd El-Fatah

The effect of certain geometrical construction elements on flame resistance property of velvet fabrics
Dr. Ahmad Bahaa Aldeen
Dyeing of Egyptian cotton fabrics with orange peel using the padding technique
Dr. Zainab Ahmed Abdel Aziz
Prof. Ahmed W Moustafa
Abeer Naguib El Saied Haraz

An ergonomic evaluation of a sample of clothing design labs in a number of academic institutions in Egypt
Prof. Mohamed Aballah Elgamal
Prof. Ibrahim Hanafy Mohamed
Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Elsheikh
Mina Edward Farag

Installing and Developing a KPI System for a Garment Factory
Dr. Amany Ahmed Mashhor Hendy
Samar Salah Noaman Ebrahim

SWOT Analysis Applied to the Development of Furniture Industry in Damietta.
Dr. Amany Ahmed Mashhour Hindy
Nehal Jabil Abdel Moneim Zahra

Exploitation of agricultural waste in the manufacturing of contemporary furniture design
Dr. Mona Mahmoud Shams El Deen
Reaching a model for realizing the sustainability concept in ceramic products design.
Dr. Eman Ibrahim Badr Surkn
The Experimental approach activation for creative skills development of interior design and furniture students
Dr. Eman Ibrahim Badr Surkn
An undemanding approach for rsolving systems and scientific methods of artificial lighting measurements in interior design projects.
Dr. Nesreen Nasr Eldeen Hassan
Dr. Nashwa Mostafa Hafez Mohamed    
An investigation into the physical and functional properties and sew ability of Faux leather
Dr. Eman Moustafa Ibrahim Rehan
Embroidery stitches as a new creative approach in metal work assembly and decoration
Dr.Eman Rafat Saad
Effect of sewing machine and thread type on the quality of leather garments
Dr Noha Saied Asaad Nukity
The effect of interior design on the children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Dr. Safaa Ebrahim Abd Al fatah Hanfy
The aura in the development of a color system for enhancing product aesthetics in the field of industrial design
Dr. Maged Kamal
Developing a conceptual model for restructuring Apparel sampling development process using virtual reality technology
Dr. Hoda Ahmed Ragab abdel Rahman
Dr. Sahar Ahmed Ebraheem Mansour
Inspiration of Egyptian Postage Stamps in the design of printed one-piece Touristic Upholstery Fabrics
Dr. Mohamed Shohdy Ahmed
Classification of lighting sources and convenience for lighting fixture design
Khaled Talaat Youssef
Using of flexographic printing plates for producing an organic field effect transistor
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