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 Volume (5) Issue (4) October 2015 Abstract Paper
Dr. Weaam Mohamed Hamza
A Study on the Efficiency of Using (Sketch Book for  Galaxy) Application in Fashion Design
 Prof. Sally A. El-Ashmawy
 Dr. Irene Isaac
Waleed Nabih  Kassem
A proposed redesign of baby garments attached  accessories
Dr. Eman Mohamed Hashem
The technological innovation and Sustainable product  manufacturing & design
Dr. Sabah Bint Muhammad Ibn Ahmed Bahkali
A Field Study on the Traditional Clothes of Al-  Mikhlaf Al-Sulaymani
Dr. Sakeena M. Abdulrahman Ba Sabrain
The Home Environment Appropriate for Patients with  Multiple Sclerosis
Prof. Tamer Abdel-Latif
Dr. Samar Hany Said
Mai Hassan mohmed
A Study on Creative Climate Barriers in Egypt and  their Impact on Advertising Designer
Mona Mahmud Shams El Din
Threats facing Tableware Porcelain Industry of Egypt  and an approach to combat
Dr. Hadeel Farahat Mohammed Abd El Sabourr
Color selection and the promotion of health and  healing by means of clothing design
Dr. Nermeen Maged Al Kasaby
Inward orientation implemented in the interior design of contemporary housing
Dr. Akmal H. Abdelrahman
Modern art Styles and Digital Technology in Developing  Contemporary Islamic Murals
Dr. Akmal H. Abdelrahman
Commonality Between Verbal and Visual Language A Suggested Method in Teaching 2D Design
Dr. Fatma Mohamed Abdel Monem Darwich
The Role of Old Chinese Ceramics Production Systems in Porcelain Industry
Dt. Nashwa Abdel Raouf Tawfeek
Dr. Rania Hosney Haikal
Working Women's Attitudes towards the Selection of "Newly Innovated Accessories
Dr. Zeinab Shehata Mohamed Amar
A Training Program for Teaching Sewing To Rurall illetral women using hand dimensions
Dr. Nehal Abdel Gawad Mohamed Abu Elkhair
Dr. Eman Bahnasy Ahmed Khodair
Traditional Saudi Folklore Motifs As an Approach to Enrich Tapestry& Upholstery Designs
"Case Study of Tapestry & Upholstery of Touristic Resorts and Rest Houses in Taif City, KSA"
Dr. Khaled Talaat Youssef
The Impact of FM-AM Hybrid Screening and Am Screening on Flexographic Printing Quality
Dr. Maha Mohamed Ammer
Preparing to Learn Reading and Writing Using Manual Printing
Dr. Safaa Ebrahim Abd Al fatah Hanfy
Deriving benefits from mind maps programs in the analysis of product aesthetics
Dr. Khaled Talaat Youssef
Images Rosette Occurrence Eradication on Corrugated Carton Packages printed by Flexographic Post-Printing
Prof. Roshdy Aly Ahmed Eid
Dr. Hoda Mohamed Samy Ghazy
Nesreen Mohamed Esmael Khedr
Heritage Revival by Simulating Men Shirt Designs Through Ages
Dr. Asmahan Esmael Mohamed El Naggar
The Integration of Manual Embroidery Techniques for the Creation of Innovative Evening Wear Designs
Dr. Nashwa Mostafa Hafez
Dr. Eman Rafat Saad
Impact of Washing Stretchy Denim using Neutral and Acid Enzymes and Subsequent Softening Treatment on Physical, Mechanical and Sewing Properties
Prof. Hassan Solaiman Aly Rahma
Dr. Nashwa Abdel Raouf Tawfeek
Dr. Asmahan Esmael El Naggar
Heba Abdalla Basuiny Salama
An Analytical Study of Islamic Spain Ornaments for Innovating Textile Designs of Auxiliary Clothes
Dr Ghada Esmael Al Gamal
Dr. Amro Gamal Eldeen Hasouna
Prof. Alfshtein Hooper
Wafa Elsaied El Sabbagh
Possibilities of Using Different “Tyvek”Techniques  in Wedding Dresses

Dr. Nashwa Abdel Raouf Tawfeek

Dr. Maha Galal Shoaeb

Psychological Adjustment to Name in Relation to Clothing Behaviour of Youth

Dr. Doha Mostafa EL Demerdash

A New Designer's Vision of Women's Fashion from the Standpoint of Biogeometry

Dr. Nawal Ahmed Ebraheem

Benefiting from the experience of other countries in recycling ceramic waste

Rania Aly Abdel Aty

Dr. Eman Gamal Ghozy

A Multimedia Educational Program for Teaching Grading Bodice Blocks (Corsage)

Dr. Yasser Mohamed Alsadek Abdel Aziz

Visual Literacy and its Relation to design education

Dr. mai Sameer kamel
Contemporary Egyptian fashion inspired by Nubian Heritage

 Dr. Yasser Saie elbadaway Abdel Atif
 Inspiring the motion of growth forces in the natural composition as a principle for ever growing spatial architecture
Dr. Samar hany Abu Donia
Dr. Rasga mohmed Aly Hasan
Glass Technology in the Design of Interactive Advertisements
Dr. George Wagih Aziz
A study on how interaction design impinge on controls Style 

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