Volume (6) Issue (4) July 2016 Abstract Paper

Dr. Mohamed Shohdy Ahmed

Lighting design in the workplace a challenge for Egyptian designers

Dr. Doaa Isamel Ismael Attia
Using Nano- Silver Antimicrobial Technology to Obtain Hygienic Indoor Environment.

Dr. Aliaa Abd El Salam Turafy
Visual Binary Opposition: A Method to Clarify Meanings of Advertising Messages.

Dr. Ahmad E. Alansari 
Factors Influencing Place Attachment to Middle-Eastern Restaurants in the United States: A Case Study

Three-dimensional techniques in the design and production of clothing

Dr Rania Nabeel Zaki

Dr. Amal Basaffar
Textile and clothing students’ Interests and attitudes towards entrepreneurship

Prof. Abdel Khalek Husain Nasr

Dr. Neven Farghaly Baomy

Aya Gamal Abdelwahed

The  economical significance of ceramic materials aesthetic values  in modern architecture

Prof. Sohair Osman

Prof. Dalia Fekry Gamal

Dr. Nada Saad Eldeen Anwar

The design of children clothes keeping up with global fashion trends for safe, sustainable and ecological  printing methods

Dr. Mai Sameer Kamel Aly
The Impact of Culture Change on the Visual Perception of Fashion Styles

Dr. Nesreen Nasr Eldeen Hassan
An Examination of the Impact of Interfacing Fabric on Woolen Clothes Pilling Resistance

Dr. Samah Mohamed El Sawy
Primary Stage Student's Uniform Design and Production Requirements

Dr. Eman Ahmed Aref Gomaa
An analytical study on Wall Painting adaptaion to Physical and Architectural Environment of Asir Province at the end of Ottoman Empire

Dr. Rehab Gomaa Ibrahim
Ultra-violet Protection and Easy- care Children Garments by Nanotechnology

Dr. Ghada  Mostafa El Zaki Mohamed
Effect of Enzymatic Treatment Sequence on The Dyeability of Cellulosic Fabrics with Natural Dyes

Dr. Nagwan Fathy Mahmoud Badran
A proposed usablility navigation website design: A case study for Benha University of Egypt 

Dr. Rania Mosaad Saad
Furniture design inspired from fractals.

Dr. Emad Eldin S. Gohar

Dr. Rania M.K. Deabes

Dr. Shadia S.H. Salem
The effectiveness of Knock – Off Technique in designing  Men’s Thobe Patterns

Hanan Atef Kamal Eldeen

Prof. Atiat Baiomy Gaber

Prof. Reem Raga El Asfoury
The effect of using the mind map to create new design for window display (An empirical study)  

Dr. Marwa Husain Tawfik

Dr. Shaima Mahmoud mohmed
The application of 3D printing technology in mass production of furniture

Dr. Amany Ahmed Khedr
Static Dynamics of Islamic and modern architecture concepts and applications

Dr. Amany Ahmed Khedr
A Comparative Study on the Western Concept Theories as Inspired by the Islamic Trends in Interior Design

Dr. Rania Shawky
Establishing an educational site to design clothes for beginners

Dr. Dalia Sami Thabet Georgy
Nature inspired in interior design -an experimental study on  the design of the reception area  interiors of a Nile RiverYacht

Dr. Magda Youssef Mohamed Ismail

Dr. Doaa Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Abdullah
Collaborative learning effectiveness in the development of the academic performance  achievement motivation of the clothing and textiles department students

Dr. Fathy Sobhy Haris Elsmadissy 
Linear Degrade Effects from changing wefts  in  textiles design between inevitable and beauty

Prof. Mohamed A. Ramadan

Dr. Hayam Alghazaly

Dr. Aya M. Fawzy

Samia M. Algharably
actile properties of woven fabrics treated with fluorocarbon

Prof. Kamal Ahmed Alsharif

Dr. Wael Mohamed Ahmed Anany

Ahmed Mohammed Elsaadany
The scientific and academic foundations for controling the quality of digital cinema projection.

Prof.Kamal Ahmed Alsharif

A.Prof.Wael Mohamed Ahmed Anany

Ahmed Mohammed Elsaadany
he role of  (ACES)  color space in controlling the color quality of digital cinema image.

Prof. Nashwa Mostafa Hafez

Dr. Eman Raafat Saad

Sara Sameeh Abdel All
The design of creative Apparels employing leather ornamentation techniques

Meaad Khalid Mohmmad Al-jizany

Dr. Shadia Salah Hassan Salim

Dr. Elham Fathy Abdelaziz
The Effectiveness of an educational unit for designing shoes by using a multimedia

Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Taha Almandrawy
Integration of Decorative Iron with Architecture for Modern Art

Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Taha Almandrawy
Design safety for decorated iron stairs used in architecture

Dr. Radwa Mustafa Mohamed Ragab
Contemporary clothing design inspired by the diversity of abstract art styles

Dr Rania Mostafa Kamal Abdel Al
Adjusting the upper part of women basic pattern "corsage" to fit older women bodies' changes

Dr. Manal A. Seif
Identification of Seam Performance of Natural Wool Textile Fabrics
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