Volume (7) Issue (1) January 2017 Abstract Paper
Dr. Mohamed Shohdy Ahmed
A Scheme for the Application of Domestic Lighting Systems Design Criteria
Prof. Mofida Al Ekiaby
Dr. George Wagih Aziz
Hydee Wadee Wahba
An Investigation into Esoteric in relation to industrial Design practices
Dr. Zainab Ahmed Ab El Aziz
Dr. Abeer Najib Said Haraz

An aesthetic vision to enrich university students clothing using Nubian symbols by means of canvas stitch motifs

Dr. Amany Khedr
Dependency and creativity in the interaction with the Islamic heritage in recent design trends

Dr. Wael Mohamed Ahmed Anany
Solving Image Flicker problems when using modern artificial light for shooting a high-speed cinematography and Television

Dr. Donia M Bettaieb
Teaching design project in Interior design Studio; Principles and Concepts

Dr. Magdy Ezzat Abdel Kader
The Impact of Ink Viscosity on the Enhancement of Rotogravure Optical Print Quality

Dr. Alaa Saleh Asaad Habhab
Bridging gab between Reality and  Expectations in KSA workers clothing  

Dr.Sara abdraboh Mohamed abdoh
 Ancient Egyptian sculpture values and spirit to enhance the design of contemporary daily used artifacts

Dr. Marwa ElSayed Ibrahim Abo ElEsaad,
Greek Myth In the Design of  Printed One Piece Woven Upholstery

 Dr. Zeinab Mohammed Hussein Mustafa Sweilam
Designing Requirements of Flight Attendants Uniform

Dr. Enas. A. H. El-Okda
A study on the felting propensity of Egyptian and New Zealand wool fibers
Dr.Safa Mohmaed Gamal Ebraheem
Dr.Rehab Mohamed Aly Ismael

The Effect of Potassium Permanganate on the Indigo Coloration Removal Using Printing Techniques 
Dr. Amany M. Shaker
Utilizing the Leno Weave Aesthetic Values in Teaching Weaving for Art Education Students
Dr. Amany Ahmed Khedr
An analytical study on the interactive relationship in the evolution of contemporary and Islamic design thinking

Dr. Nahla Fawzy Ahmed
Improving the Functional Properties of Endless Felt Blanket Used in Transfer-Printing Machines

Prof. Ferial Sherif
Dr. Mohsen Kamel
Nermeen Saied Abbas Ahmed

أBuilding Constructions and Nanotechnology.. A new vision for Architecture

Dr. Ibrahim Esmat Wali
 Enhancing the " Dynamic Range " of Scanned Images

Taha Taha Abu Allyazid Abu Tahoon
Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed
Dr. Naglaa Mohamed Taima

 Color in Joan Miro paintings utilized in the design of women’s printed fabrics
Dr. Nermin Ahmed Sabry Helal
Ornamatics trend as an approach to achieve a contemporary national identity in interior design and furniture
Dr. Gehan Foad Mohamed Mahmoud
Ideas for small scale enterprises inspired by international experience in utilizing shipping containers from the concept of sustainable design
Rehab Ragab Mahmoud Hasan
Avant-garde Experiments to Re-define the Concept of 'Materiality' in Fashion
Prof. Mohamed Aly Abdu
Prof. Manal Mohamdy Al Adawy
Prof. Heba Assem Al Desouky
Reham Ramadan Abdel Fattah

A Study on the Color Value in fashion design
Osama A Hameed Kawashty Hamzawy
Inspection methods and impact on Quality Level of final Products
 Dr Shaima Abdel Ghany Halabia
An analytical study of patterns of the folk costumes of Port Said  Folk art troupe applied to the design of upholstery
Dr. Yasmeen Ahmed Mahmoud Al Kahky
Women clothing ergonomics via textile and leather combinations
Prof. Mofida Sadek Al ekiaby
Dr. Goerge Wagih Aziz
Haydee wadee Wahba
An exploratory study on the relation between esoteric and design
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