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Volume (7) Issue (2) April 2017 Paper Abstract
Dr. Reham Hasan Mohsen
Hagar Saied Ez Eldeen
The image of Middle East woman between Western Orientalism and Middle  Eastern Art
Dr. Jehan M El Gamal
Dr. Radwan Ali Zeham
Rokia Abu Atia

Balance and movement in building the printed textile design
Prof. Mohamed Ezzat Saad
Mona Amer Esmaiel
Industrial Design as an aid to “Think Tank” Technique"
Dr. Rania Farouk
A No Advertising Branding Strategy In Confrontation of Ad Blocking
Alanoud Alansari
Kazuhiro Hirao
The Impact of Bimaristans Design on Design Factors of Therapeutic  Buildings, An Environmental Field Study in Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Prof. Mahmoud Yousry
Prof. George Semonian
Amro A Shehata
A Study on Banknote Paper Deterioration Factors by Circulation Simulator  Method (A case study on the 5 Egyptian banknotes)
Dr. Azza Sarhan
University students fashion inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky
Dr Ragaa Mostafa Mohamed Hasan
An educational unit on Brazilian embroidery for enhancing home economy  students level of knowledge and skills
Dr. Rawia Aly Abdel Baky
General Adel Ahmed Tawfeek
Utilizing functional properties of warp knitted fabrics in the forensic evidence
Dr. Ahmed Samir Kamel Aly
Integration design criteria for spaces in Luxury Residential Compound
Dr. Ghada Mahmoud Ibrahim Ouf
An Analytical Study into the positive and negative impact of Cartoon  Animations on kindergarten kids
Dr. Hazem Abdelmoneim Yassen
Study of the Relationship between sewing and fabric Parameters and Seam
Marwa M. M. Khodary 
Hanaa M. El-Rafie
Heba M. Abdel Salam
Mohamed H. El-Rafie

Imparting Eco-friendly Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory Finishing by
Microencapsulation Technique for Cotton Fabric
Prof. Fatma Aly Metwaly
Dr. Shereen Said Othman
Using databases in designing an integrated system to apply ISO 9001/2015 in garment factories
Dr. Weaam Mohmed Hamza
Innovative Designed Girls Clothes Inspired by Human Body Microscopic
Amal Basaffar
Textile and clothing students’ Interests and attitudes towards entrepreneurship
Dr. Fawzi A. Al-Zamil
The Impact of Design Elements on the perception of spaciousness in Interior
Dr. Ghada Mahmoud Ibrahim Ouf
Employing infographic art in the education process
Dr. Khalid Mahmoud El Shiekh
Obstacles facing e-trading in online apparel marketing in Egypt
Mai M. Youssef
Smart Textiles as hybrid interactive materials A responsive behaviour towards
transformable surfaces
Dr. Tarek ahmed El Kholy
Dr. Husain Said Mebed
Effect of yarn number on the deviation angle and properties of  Jersey fabrics produced by knitting machines
M. H. Elshakankeryry
M. H. Kasem
Mostafa E. Al-Ebiary
Predicting Air Permeability of Nylon Parachute Fabrics
Dr. Mona M Adel Al Nahas
Technical standards for designing upholstery fabrics compatible with  variability of TV program studios furnishing
Dr.Bassant Eyada
The Role of Advertising in Crisis Management in Egypt,  Case study “Heinz-Egypt” Crisis
Dr.Mamoud Morsey Garhy
The effect of religious belief on the evolution of Gods’ temples design in Ancient Egypt
Dr. Huda Othmanan
The Role of Creative Thinking in Advertising Design
Prof. Amany Shaker
Dr. Yousef Abdel Gaied
Ahmed Mohmed Mady Al Naggar
A Proposed Program for the Development of Practical Skills of Art Education  Students in Accessory Design
Mai M. Youssef
Prof. Abdel Hamid Abdel Malik Ali
Mechanical mechanisms through working in details as a kinetic function of  the elements of the design process
Dr Aliaa Abdel Salam Turaify
The Role of Advertising Campaigns in Preserving  The Visual Identity for Egyptian Campaigns Products
Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Elwan
Influence of Ink Viscosity level on Tone Value Increase in Sheet-fed Offset Printing
Dr.Rehab Ragab Mahmoud Hassaan
Concepts and Inspirations of Alexander McQueen's Designs Through the scenography
Dr. Rania Mostafa Kamel
Dr. Shadia Salah Hassan

An Electroni Magazine fo teaching manual Sewing Basics to late childhood females
Dr. Shereen Saied Mohamed
Dr. Mona Mohmaed Saied
Sara Mohamed Saieed
Introducing a digital Technology Based Fashion Design System
Mohamed Aly Azmy
Smart Digital Technologies in the Interactive Advertising Environment
Dr. Fatma Al Saied Mostafa Madian
Enriching the aesthetics ​​of the children clothes using discharge printing to promote small scale enterprises

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