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Volume (7) Issue (4) October 2017 Paper Abstract
Dr. Amany Ahmed Mashhour
Nancy Talaat Zaghloul
Stiffness Analysis of a stool from Ancient Egypt Using Finite Element Method
Omnia Elsaied Niazy
Pregnancy Support Garment
Dr. Tofaha Mousa Abdel Hameed
Dr. Omaima Raouf Mohamed
The synthesis of leather and knitting strips with a textile combinations to increase the aesthetic an functional value of home furnishing
manar wagih saber
The Technological Development of Visual Effects and the Animation Character in Life Action
RashaWagdy Khalil
Creating fashion designs by the fourth dimension concept of Futurism
Dr. Heba M. Khalil
Antibacterial Functionalization and Pigment Coloration of Wool-containing fabrics in One St
 Dr. Hafez S. Hawas
Effect of some construction elements on the flammability of upholstery fabrics
Dr. Olfat Shawki Mohamed Mansour
 Integrating the Concept of Modular Design and Dart Manipulation Technique for the Innovation of Fashion Design for Women
Dr. Eman Mohamed Anees Abd El-Aal
A Plastic Vision for Ladies Printed Fabrics Design to Combat Violence Against Woman
 Prof. Ehab Haidar Shirazi
Prof. Mohamed Abdel Gawad
Marwa Mostafa qotb
Improvement of the Properties of Multi-Layered Fabrics Used in the Production of Mattresses to Achieve the Best Functional Performance
Dr. Wedian Talat Madian
Designing casual wear for male dwarfs
Dr. Ahmed Omar Mohamed
The impact of different digital image techniques on  contemporary graphic design
Dr. Marwa Ibrahim Soliman  El Nekhaly
Mohamed Kamel Abdul Rahman Mohamed
Egyptian Weekly Magazine's Covers Redesign  and its Readers' Preferences
Alanoud Alansari
Yousra Bin Mosaad
Kazuhiro Hirao
A case study for the maintenance and restoration of the Kaaba during the Islamic Era
Mohamed Hussein Ahmed Ammar
Achieving television image quality through color correction
Basma Mohamed Elsayed Hamouda
Prof. Walid Shaaban Mustafa
Prof. Ehab Fadel Abu Musa
Dr. Hesham Ahmed Assem
State of the art in Leather Technology for Enhancing the Production Of Leather Stationary
 Yassmine Mohamed Sayed Nour
Prof. Abdulrahman Bakr  
  Prof. Mohamed Hassan Emam
Environmental and Human Standards For Interior Design Of Underground Buildings
Dr. Mona Adel Al Nahas
Dr. Nivin Farouk Husain
Utilizing aesthetics and formal values from Joan Miro works in the design of furnishing of children rooms
Dr Tahani Nassar Alajaji
Dr Tahani Abdullah Alqudairi
Recycling of Cloth leftovers for use in Fashion Design and Decoration
Dr. Emad Eldeen Said Gohar
Dr. Randa Mohmaed Al Maghraby
Waste fabrics Recycling as an approach to the decoration of children's pre-school clothes
Dr. Amany Aabed
Supply chain in the readymade garments industry (Zara case study)
Dr. Manal  Tawfik
Using Urban Design Qualities for Building a New Composite Walkability Index for Cairo Streets
Fedaa Bent Khedr Ibn Khalid Farag
Dr.Rania Mostafa Kamel Abdelaal Debes
Dr.Shadia Salah Hasan Metwali Salim
A Comparison between Manual and 3D Programs methods in Female Trouser Flat Pattern Drawing
Dr.Sara abdraboh Mohamed abdoh
Civilization  and religious motives of sculpture conservation and restoration methods in Egypt, past and present
 Mohamed Ali Azmi 
The Effectiveness of Mental Energy  in The Interactive Advertising
Yehia Abd El Moneim Osman
 Zeinab Ahmed Abd El Aziz
Amal Fawzy Abd El Monem El Tantawy
Microbiological Assessment of Surgical Operations Rooms' Clothes
 Dr. Wafa H. Shafee 
The effect of simulating traditional costume images in the development of innovative capabilities for contemporary fashion design
Dr. Doaa Nabil Ali Salama
 A proposed virtual environment for the development of the knowledge and skills of female students in drawing the Aldrich Pattern
 Dr. Doaa Nabil Ali Salama
A training program for the elevation of the efficiency of females in re-tuning ready-made Skirt
 Dr Hayam Demerdash Al Ghazaly
Dr Hanan Abdulaa Al Amoudy
Effect of constructional parameters of three- dimensional honeycomb fabric on their physical and comfort properties
Prof. Heba A. El-Dessouki,
Dr. Yasmen A. El-Kahke, Associate Professor,
Gehad Abdel Monem Hamed Gad,
Effect of Some Fabrics Properties in Designing Women’s Apparel by Draping
 Dr. Harith Asaad AbdulRazzaq
Hassanen Sabah Daood
Abstraction Mechanisms in Interior Design
Dr. Shereen Saied Mohamed
A criteria for preparing flat drawings for fashion design for the development of students' skills
Dr. Heba M. Khalil
Simultaneous Disperse Printing and UV-Protecting of  Wool/Polyester blended Fabric 
Prof.  Nashwa Mostafa Hafez
Dr.  Shereen Sayed Mohamed
Bassant Sherif Abdel Aziz Mostafa
The Effect of Integrating Light Emitting Diode (LED) on Different Fabrics Properties Used for Fashion Design
Hanan Faya Hassan Alassiry
Dr. Abir Ibrahim Abdel Hamid Ibrahim
Dr. Omaima Ahmed Abdullatif Soliman
Innovating Designs Inspired by Asiri Wall Art “Qatt” to Enhance Women’s Dress Aesthetics
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