All Published Papers:
 Volume (1) Issue (1) January 2012
Dr. Mohamed Ezzat Saad
Aristotle The First master (An Arabic Editorial)
Dr. Magdy Ezzat Abd El Kader
Dr. Abd El Rahman Ragab

Analysis of trapping of color sequences of multicolor offset printing
Dr. Rania Mosaad Saad
Hologram Applications in Architecture and Interior design
Prof. K. Abadany
Iraqi traditions in folklore jewelry in the first decade of the 21st century
Dr. Amal Abdel Khalek
The inspiration from folkloric symbols in restaurant furniture design
Dr. Wasmih.M.Al-Eshaiwi
Practicing Designing Process to Develop Creative Thinking Skills
Dr. Osama Ezzaldin Ali Halawa
Effect of certain construction elements on holding of Terry in towels fabrics
Dr. Rania F. Mohamed,  & Dr. Abeer S. Mahmoud
Emphasizing the advantage of 3d printing technology in packaging design development and production in local industries
Dr. Marwa Mohamed Kamal el Deen
Studying the influence of using Nano technology on printing methods future  and un-printing image method
Dr Eman Moustafa Abdel Hameed
The positive role of image synonyms language in e-learning curriculum development
 Volume (1) Issue (2) March 2012
Editorial Prof. Dr. Sohair M Osman
The Egyptian characteristics in artworks between identity originating and novelty.
Dr. Mohamed Shohady Ahmed
Design for all principles applied to administration office lighting
A.Prof.  Moustafa Mahmoud
A.Prof.  Faten Farouk
The axial role of the visual identity in press house managemnet systems
A.Prof. Dr. Hanaa A. El Kazazz
Prof. Dr. Esmat M. A. Hamzawy
Mechanical Properties of Nepheline Syenite-Limestone Glass-Ceramic and its use in the side walk tiles and curb stones
A. Prof. Ghada M Elhafez ,
Dr. Haytham M Elhafez
Contribution of lower limb extensors after anterior Cruciate ligament reconstruction during jogging and hopping
Dr. Abeer Sayed Mahmoud
The impact of packages production processes on
Package ergonomics (Case study of opening system of tetra pack milk package)
Dr. Mohmed Mahmoud El Araby
A Birth Certificate - Searching aesthetics through revolutionary state (an exhibition review)
 Volume (2) Issue (1) July 2012
Prof. Ahmed W Moustafa
An Anthropometric survey on male hand in relation to manual work
A.Prof.  Faten Farouk
The role of guerrilla marketing strategy to enrich the aesthetic and functional values of Brand
Dr. Hany Mohamed El-Said
New Ideas from Nature: Using a Metaphorical Approach
A. Prof. Tamer F. Khalifa
Technical Textile; Design & Methodology
Dr. Wesam Oncy Ibrahim
Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Riad
Simulation strategy in CAD/CAM programs as a method for teaching principals of material forming
Dr Eman Moustafa Abdel Hameed
Utilization of images (Photos) in developmental communication
 Volume (2) Issue (2) October 2012
Dr. Doaa Ismail Ismail Attia
Positive Energy in Interior Design and Furniture
Dr. Kay D Baldwin
Anatomy of foot and shoe comfort
A. Prof. Abeer. I. Fathallah
An easy all-in Printing Process for Printing Acrylic/ Wool Blended Fabrics
Dr. Mohamed Shohady Ahmed
An ergonomic evaluation of Cairo street Lighting convenience.
Dr. Gihan Wahba El Reefy
Cognitive Ergonomics as an approach to the design of guidance systems in hospital interiors
Dr. Asmahan Esmaiel El Nagar
The effect of mental maps application on  fashion design prinipals teaching
Dr. Wesam M. Ayada
Dr. Nessreen A. Elmelegy
Advergames on Facebook a new approach to improve the Fashion Marketing
Prof. Mohamed Ezat Saad
Creativity in the management of industrial work
 Volume (3) Issue (1) January 2013
Editorial  Prof. M Ezat Saad
Generic Design
 (in English)
Dr. Kay Baldwin
Anatomy of foot and shoe comfort
(in English)
Dr. Dalia Maamoun, H. Osman S.H. Nassar & M. Khairy
A New Approach In Printing Wool And Wool/Polyester Fabrics With Disperse Dye Nanoparticles
Prof. Mamdouh B. El-Hossamy,  G.M. Shokry & N.M. Faroun
Improvement Of Dyeing Characteristic Of Cotton/Acrylic Blend Fabric  (in English)
Prof. Mohamed M. Marie, H. S. El-Khatib & G. M. Shokry
Single-Bath Bio-Treatment And Dyeing Of  Cotton Fabrics With Reactive And Direct Dyes  (in English)
Dr. Hala S. El-Khateeb
Dyeing Of Wool/Nylon Blend Fabric With Camphor Plant After  Bio-Treatment With Brewers 'Yeast Suspension  (in English)
Dr. Zainab Ahmed Abdel Aziz
An evaluation of newly migrant clothing phenomenon  and design suggestions to combat  (in Arabic)
Dr. Maysoon Mohmed Qutp
Advertising publications between design philosophy and thinking engineering  (in Arabic)
Dr. Faten Farouk Atrees
The Concept Of Subliminal Messages In Brand Design   (in Arabic)
Dr. Hebatolla Mosaad Mohmed Salim
The variables of environmental cost in the design and production of memorial gifts
 (in Arabic)
 Volume (3) Issue (2) April 2013
Prof. Abla Kamal El Din
Dr. Amira Saad Mahmoud Yousef
Textile Creativity in Architecture “Architextiles”, “One of the modern textile trends”
Dr. Ruba Hasan Abu Hasna
Professor Andree Woodcock
Evaluation of a Graphic Design and Digital Media Internship Program in Saudi Arabia
Dr. Nesreen Nasr Eldeen Hassan
Setting Criteria of The Sew ability Of Organza Fabric
Dr. Reda Shawky Mohamed Abouzeid
EA Toner Technology & Image Quality in Electrophotography Printing
Dr. Waleed Mohammed Elghamry Barakat
A proposition of transitional educational system in Environmental Design In Egypt
Dr. Dalia El Sharkawy
A Study on the color composition of sky scenes under the influence of Cairo pollution
Dr. Mohmed Mahmoud El Araby
Visions from the two shores - An urban plastic search experiment through two different visions  (an exhibition review)
Dr. Rania Mosaad
Furniture analysis in Bauhaus school through the concept of Pragmatic philosophy
Dr Doaa Khalid Mohmed Hatem
 Passion as Expressed in Portraying Animated Characters – In past and present 
 Volume (3) Issue (3) July 2013
Prof. Mohmaed Ezzat Saad
Industrial Design vs. Product Design (in Arabic)
Dr. Reham Adel Aiad
Dr. Amany Nagy Abdel Aziz
Dr. Rasha Ragab Abdel Majsood
A new plastic vision of multi-crude “multi-materials” artifacts in light of installation art
(in Arabic)
Dr Ashraf Hussain Ebraheem
The reflections of  intellectual essences  of solid waste management on the interior space arrangement
(in Arabic)
Dr. Nesreen Ezzat Gamal Eldeen
Intellectual property law between  dichotomy in the idea & expression in printed advertising (in Arabic)
Dr. Osama Yousef Mohammed
Virtual learning as a means for environmental protection with an application on the teaching of the industrial design program
(in English)
Dr. Manal Eissa
Tonal quality and dynamic range in digital cameras
(in English)
Dr. Ghada Mahmoud Auf
The role of visual semiology in communications (in Arabic)
Dr. Dalia Samy Thabet
Nature inspired in Furniture Design,  A case Study on Cupid yacht design (in arabic)
Dr. Enass Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan
The role of Interactive Features of Electronic Signage Systems in increasing the effectiveness of the Communication Process
(in arabic)
Prof. Maysa Fekry Ahmed ElSaied 
RehamAtef EzatAmeen
The concept of multiplicity of vision in the design of printed upholstery fabrics
Dr. Zainab Shehata Mohamed Amar
A training program on troubleshooting certain breakdowns of sewing machines f (in arabic)
 Volume (3) Issue (4) October 2013
Dr Asmaa Hamed Abdel Maksood
Standards of interactive library design for the special needs "blind " (In Arabic)
Dr. Abdel Rahman Ragab
Quality Enhancement of Images Printed on Colored Paper in Litho Offset Printing (In English)
Dr. Amany Mohmed Shaker Mohamed
Demian Morcos Anwar samaan
A Digital Educational Application for Learning Simple Weave Structures via Smart Phones and Tablet PCs  (In Arabic)
Shaimaa Mahmoud Abdel Ghany Halabia
Prof. Roshdy Aly Eid
Dr. Eman Gamal Ghozy
Dr. Mohmed Mahmoud Zain ElDeen
The effectiveness of a computer program in teaching crochet for beginners (In Arabic)
Dr. Ghada Mohamed Al Sayad
The Effect of Altering Weave Structure and the appearance Ratio of Extra Weft on Some Functional Performance Properties of Curtains’ Fabrics  (In English)
Dr. Ahmed Gamal El Deen Belal
iPhoneography art as a global contemporary art form (In Arabic)
A. Professor Maysoon Mohamed Quteb
Evaluating the role of creative thinking methodologies in the expression of ideas in advertising design  (A Case study on violence against women publications) (In English)
Dr. Abdel Rahman Abu Zaied
Advanced laser beam cutting technology usage requirements on metal surfaces formed with automatic spinning (In English)
A.Professor Maha Mohamed El Saied Amer
Dr. Marawa Mamdouh Mostafa Hamoud
The Effectiveness of Using Stencil Printing in Teaching Autistic Children exploited in Designs for their Printed Textile Hangings (In Arabic)
Dr. Ashraf Abdel Fatah Moustafa
Innovative design solutions inspired by hieroglyphic calligraphy as an approach to enrich the aesthetic values of textile design (In Arabic)
A. Professor Nashwa Abdel Raouf Tawfik
Prof. Abdel Raouf Elaiwa
The Influence of some Construction Factors of Cloth Fabrics on the Permeability of Emitted Radiation for Mobile Phone (In Arabic)
A. Professor Ahmed Hamed Moustafa El Malawy
Dr. Ebraheem Mohmed Ebraheem Ebaid
The logic of exposed structure and exploited in enhancing the space vividness in lightweight metal buildings (In Arabic)
Dr. Eman Mohamed El Sayed El Banna
Dr. Waleed Mohmed El Ghamry Barakat
 A simplified procedure for teaching Environmental Participatory Design to environmental design students (In Arabic)
 Volume (4) Issue (1) January 2014
Dr Hayam Mahdy Salama
Problems facing the application of Islamic wooden artifacts ornaments in contemporary Islamic style interiors
Dr. Emad Eldin Sayed Gohar
Norms of Pattern Making Using Sample Measurements Table In The Readymade Garments Industry
Dr. Ebtesam Mohamed Khamees
Factors affecting methods of obtaining Egyptian folk art heritage from its origin to accentuate the identity in interior design
Dr. Osama Yousef Mohamed
Service Design as one of the Environmental Considerations to Achieve Sustainability in Product Design and Development
Dr Eman Ahmed Abdalla
The role of wise sayings and proverbs as a cultural heritage used in printing children clothes
Dr Eman Mohmed Ahmed Hashem
Creativity and Innovation in Product Design as a Competitive Advantage
Dr Mohmed Elsaied Dorgham
The Impact of Yarn Cleaning Phase in Winding Process on the Properties of the Final Performance
Dr Ahmed Gamal Eldeen Belal,
The Impact of the Fotoform avant-garde group (1949-1958) in Germany, On the Modern Photography art Concepts
Prof. Islam Abdulmenem Hussain
Dr. Nashwa Abdelraouf Tawfeek
Eman Gamal Eldeen Masoud
Effect of sterilization methods on the functionality Of operation room gowns
Dr Dina Ahmed Nafady
The use of aesthetic plastic formulations of ancient Egyptian art plant elements through hanging design for children's rooms
Dr. Layla Amer Al Qahtani
A strategy for Designing an Effective Guide and a Software to Facilitate Communication with Deaf Persons
Dr. Reda Bahy-ELDin Moustafa Youssef
Ideology of Teaching Interior Design of Tourist Facilities between Theory and Practice
Dr Naglaa Taema
Dr Ghada Shaker
The Plastic Extents of Some Modern Art Trends and Its impact on Fashion Design for Girls Preferences
Dr. Khaled Sendiony
The Interactive Relationship between Industrial design and architecture
Prof. Hasan Soliman Rahma
Dr Eman Fadl Abdelhakam Ayoub
Dr Khalid Mohmed Seddek
Effect of take-off stopping and washing process on selected properties of micro fibers pleated fabrics
Dr. Hany M. El.Said,
Dr. Maha Ibrahim,
Pulped Furniture - The reapplication of an old technology with an echo-material
Maha Abdullah Al Senan
The Worth of Art - The Future of the Art Market in Saudi Arabia
DR Maysoon Mohamed Qutb
Advertising publications between design philosophy and thinking engineering
Dr. Mohmed Mahmoud El Araby
The aesthetical analysis of Islamic heritage sites as a principle action in designing its urban spaces “Analytical study of consecrated sites of medina
Shaima Mahmoud Halabia
Prof. Roshdy Aly Eid
Dr Eman Gamal Ghozy
Dr Mohmed Mahmoud Zainoeldeen
An interactive self learning tool using advanced digital technologies
Dr. Saied Anwar El.Malky,
Dr. Mohmed Awamy Ahmed,
Low fused alloys as an educational and industrial aid, Practices in casting and electrodeposition forming
Prof. Nadia M Khalil
Prof. Ahmed W Moustafa
Prof. Salam M El Hafez
Dr Sanaa M fathy
Anthropometric measurements of the human feet and its relationship to women's shoes design
Dr. Manal Helal Ayoub ,
A. Professor George Wageeh Aziz,
Interaction design of grip form of manually handled tools and Organic constructing (In view of Zdeněk Kovář approach)
Dr.  Zainab Ahmed Abdel Aziz
Integrating Hieroglyphic, English and Arabic Alphabet to enhance youth clothing and accessories decorative patterns.
Dr. Sadeka abdel Shakour,
Dr. Magdy Ibrahim,
Postmodern furniture inspired by the local Emirati heritage elements and vocabulary
Dr. Mohmed Ahmed Mohamed Rahoma
Recent developments in hang ceilings in Egypt
Dr. Olfat Shawki  Mohamed
Dr. Wafaa Abd Elradi

Studying of Egyptian woman's robes characteristics and Tutankhamun's jewelry motifs to create fashionable designs
 Volume (4) Issue (2) April 2014
Dr. Eman Rafat Saad
Dr. Nashwa Mostafa Hafez
Effect of Coating with Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs) on Cotton Fabric Functional Properties
Dr. Said Abdu Ahmed Abdu
Environmental Science approach of the 3rd millennium and impact on the field of industrial design
Dr. Nisreen Abdel Wahab Elmelegy
Dr. Nashwa Abdel Raouf Tawfeek
The Design of Pharaonic Costumes between Historical Reality and Dramatic Implementation
Dr. Hassan Rasheed Abdel Aziz
Benefit from discovered scientific facts about Islamic ceramic with metallic luster and it is possible to reproduce it artistically .
Dr Tebra Gameel Khosaifan
Innovative Structures For 3D Paper Forming by using Folding Techniques
Dr. Emad El Din Sayed Gohar
Dr. Olfat Mohamed Shawki
Designing and producing women's blouses by using nonwoven fabrics
Dr. Wesam M. Ayada
Improving Advertising Design Education and Learning by Using Digital Game Based Learning
Dr. Waleed Abdul Rahman Algain
The Semiotic Concept of form in Mural Treatments and its Organic Relationship with architecture "An analytical study on the art of mosaics
Dr. Heba Ameer Ahmed Khalil
The brainstorming approach in advertising creativity
Dr. Mohmed Elsaid Mahmoud
A standard criteria for the utilization of words and characters position and size for the enhancement ad design
Dr. Shereen Said Mohmed hassan
A study on the role of mood boards in fashion design
Dr. R. A. M. Abd El-Hady
Enhancing the functional properties of weft knitted fabrics made from polyester microfibers for apparel use
Dr. Heba Assem El-Dessouki
A Study on Abrasion Characteristics and Pilling Performance of Socks
Dr. Doaa Ismail Ismail Attia
Carrying Daylight Without Glare To Rear Interior Spaces
Dr. Mohsen Jaafarnia
Prof. Tie Ji
Playful or dangerous?; A cross-cultural study of discrepancy in Designers' and kids' perception of toy appearances
Dr. Bahira Gebaly Gabr
Formaldehyde in Top knitted Children's Wear within Egyptian Market
Dr. Walid Shaaban Mustafa
Dr. Sanaa Mohamed Fathy
Effectiveness of electronic Curriculum In the leather industries principles on the Internet
Dr. Nahla Mohamed  El Geneady
A review of the new trends of digital interactive decorative surfaces used in architecture
Dr. Amany ahmed mshhour hendy
Yosra mostafa el harairy
An Ergonomic Evaluation for Historical Seat Designs
Dr. Rasha Abdelrahman El Nahas
A study on sewing technology between woven fabrics, knitting fabrics and  knitted weft
Dr. Sanaa Abd-Elgawad Eissa,
Dr. Mona Mahmod Shams Eldin
Decal as a Competitive Value for Ceramic Products
Dr. Emad Eldeen Said Gohar
The Effectiveness of the Training Program for the Men's Outwear
Prof. Ahmed W Moustafa,
A Standardized Procedure for Large Anthropometric Surveys in Developing Countries.
Dr. Khalid Farouk El Sendiouny
A Standard Criteria for the Evaluation of the Design of Medical Devices
Dr. Mohamed Shohdy Ahmed
Product Functionality Evaluation Methods and Appplication
Dr. Islam Gharib
Design of sketch-based interface to enhance creativity in conceptual design
Dr. Reda Bahy-ELDin Moustafa Youssef
Biomimetic Approaches to Sustainability and its Application in Interior Design of  the Tourist Buildings
Dr. Marwa Mohamed Kamal el Deen
The Intelligent Colorimetric Timer Indicator Systems to develop label Packaging Industry in Egypt
Dr. Wedian Talat Madian,
Dr. Rasha Wagdy Khalil
Fashion design inspired by the incongruity between western costumes and eastern jewelry patterns
 Volume (4) Issue (3) July 2014
Dr. Wesam Moustafa Ayada (UAE)
The Effectiveness of Employing Stereoscopic Three Dimensional Techniuques in TV Advertisements production (in arabic)
Dr. Nermin Ahmed Sabry Helal (Egypt)
Self-Healing Coatings In Interior Design & Furniture Between Fact and Fiction
Dr. Shereen Mohamed Sayed El Sobky (Egypt)
A Suggested Program for the Development of Manual Skills of South Sinai Women (in Arabic)
Dr. Shereen Mohamed Sayed El Sobky (Egypt)
A Study on the Technical Specifications of the Fashion Designer's Portfolio of Women's Outer Wear
Dr. Hanan Saud Al–Hazza (KSA)
The Problematics of contemporary Saudi art receiving , an overview of the local and global perspective
Prof. Dr. Abdel Rehim Ramdan Abdel Ghani (Egypt)
Dr. Wafaa Abdel Radi Qorshi
Dr. Eman Rafat Saad El-Sayd
Aya Fathy Abdel Hamid Ahmed Romyia
Treatment of Children’s Garments Natural Fabrics for Protection Against Ultraviolet Radiation
Dr. Mohmed Hasan El Khashab (Egypt)
Activating the Concept of "Creative System" for Enhancing the Competitiveness of Glass Production Corporations
Dr. Asmahan Ismael Al Naggar (Egypt)
The use of the laser beam to raise the aesthetic  values of boot design
Dr. Amro Gamal Eldeen Hassona
Dr Nesreen Abdelwahab AlMeleegy
Amany Alsaied Awad El Desouky (Egypt)

Baroque Style Costumes As an Inspirational Source for Haute Couture Fashion

Dr. Sanaa Abd-Elgawad Eissa (Egypt)
Design for context and pattern
Dr. Sanaa Abd-Elgawad Eissa
Dr. Mona Mahmoud Shams Al Deen
Methods of Decal production and their magnitude as a competitive value of table wear
Dr. Hassan Rasheed (Egypt)
A Comparative Study onTraditional and Modern Ceramic Inks
Dr. Nermin Maged AlQasaby (Egypt)
Means of Achieving Dynamism in the Interior Design of Contemporary Houses
Dr. Maged Kamal (Egypt)
Effect of adoption the Visual Production Planning and Control System (VPPCS) in Apparel Manufacturing Companies
Dr. Eman Salah Eldeen Abdel Hameed (Egypt)
Advertisment Character Charisma for the Enhancement of the Product Credibility
Dr. Eman Salah Eldeen Abdel Hameed (Egypt)
Ignoring the elderly in television advertising campaigns
Prof. Maysa Fekry Ahmed El- Sayed (Egypt)  
Dr. Eman Mohamed Anees Abd El-Aal
Sally Sayed Mahmoud
The Advantages of Social Networks Marketing for Women Casual Clothes Printed Designs Inspired by Islamic Art
Dr. Noha sayed Mohamed Afify (Egypt)
Creativity in Decorative Islamic Star Patterns
Dr. Ashraf Husain Ebraheem (Egypt)
Intellectual diversity of perforations as a source of new constructions realizations in interior space
 Dr. Abeer Hamdi Mohammed (Egypt)
Enhancing the performance of industrial designers using Balanced Scorecard
Dr. Nashwa Mostafa Hafez Mohamed
Dr. Nesreen Nasr Eldeen Hassan (Egypt)
Effect of Thread Type and Tension Control on Cotton Fabric Sewability
Dr. George Wagih Aziz Badawy (Egypt)
Futurology and the foresight of future design concept
Dr. Foton Foad Abdelkader Fayoumy (KSA)
An Art therapy Strategy in Association with Clinical Physical Therapy
Dr. Amal Mohamed El-Moursy
Dr. Abeer Ibraheem Mohamed
The Effect of Single and Double Yarns in Cotton Fabrics on the Removal of Stain
 Volume (4) Issue (4) October 2014
Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Taha Almandrawy
Metal Bio-Façades and Decreasing of Thermal Effect
Dr. Mohamed Hassan Al Khashab
A suggested methodology for evaluating the  Industrial glass design  by using the concept of (Sigma – σ)
Dr. Mohammed Tawfik Abd Ellfattah
Web Design for Color Blind Persons
Dr. Sahar Ahmed Ebraheem mansour
 Factors affecting the design of printed upholstery fabrics
Dr. Nancy Abdel Maboud Al Sawy
Dr. Faten Mohmed Abdeltawab
Take advantage of some applied system of honeycomb textile to enrich the aesthetic and functional values of curtain fabrics
Prof. Samir Ahmed Tantawy Zaher
Dr. Rawia Aly Aly Abdel Baky
Improving The Functional Properties Of Ladies Clothing By Using Blended Yarns Of Exhaust Linen With Cotton 
 Dr. Enass Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan
The Impact of the Augmented Reality Technique in building the Museum’s Signage Systems
Ahmed Mohmed Awad
Prof. AbdelRahman Bakr
Dr Ashraf Hussain
The National Museums' Archeticture between Designers Vision and National Cultural Objectives
A Case Study of both the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the Grand Egyptian Museum
Dr. Maged Kamal
Main Factors Influencing the German Buyers’ Satisfaction in Sourcing Ready-Made Garments from Egypt
Dr. Nagwan Fathi Mahmoud Mahmoud Badran
Towards Branding of Egyptian Academic libraries' Websites
Dr. Radwan, S., S.,
Effect of Plain Rib Direction on fabric properties
Dr.  Rasha abdelrahmen Al Nahas
Nano Technology in the production of protective clothing for users exposed to the danger of Ultra violet rays
Dr. Amany M. Shaker
Utilizing the Leno Weave Aesthetic Values in Teaching Weaving for Art Education Students
Dr. Rania Elsayed Elaraby Mohamed Elmasry.
Innovating designs for printed upholstery fabrics inspired from elements of tapestries of Haraneya’s Art Center.

Dr. Maher Hussain Arakeib
Dr. Saied Abdul Ghaffar Al-Ananey
Obtain Crystalline Glaze Without Fire Systems Followed to Fire The Crystalline Glaze  

Dr. Mohamed Shohdy Ahmed
Impact of new lighting technologies on the performance  and design of lighting fixtures

Dr. Eman Mohmed Ahmed Hashem
Qualification Requirements of Industrial Designers in Light of modern Changes in Design Field

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Hassan
Management and planning display and directed projects, interior design and furniture
Dr. Mahmoud Farouk Elfeky
Dr. Tamer Ali Abdel Mageed

Ean-13 barcode printing using variable plate line screens and plate dots in packaging

Dr. Khalid M. El Shiekh
Prof. Rayan Abdullah
Dr. Doha Eldemerdash
Ziad Aouda
Techniques for facing Impenetrability encountered in utilizing Arabic graffiti in designing youth apparel

 Volume (5) Issue (1) January 2015
Dr.  Rasha abdelrahmen Al Nahas
Satins Sewing Techniques with Perforated Fabrics in Evening Wear
Dr. Sawsan Mohamed Ezat Ebrahim Amer
A Semiotic approach to content analysis of lighting in Egyptian films adapted from Naguib Mahfouz's novels
Dr. Khalid M. Elsheikh
Enhancing the process of prototype development in the Egyptian apparel industry
Dr. Maha.M.T.Eladwi 
Dr. Naglaa.A.A. Elsayed
Unusual Draping Fashionable Designs Using Anti-Odor Finishing of Dyed/Printed Synthetic Fabrics
Prof. Naglaa Ebrahim Mohmed El Wakeel
Dr. Sahar Ahmed Ebraheem
Hadeer Sameer Abdel Salam

Aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy in Islamic coinage and  designs for printing one-piece  of upholstery fabrics
Dr. Elham Abdel Aziz Mohamed hasanin
The effect of treatment of medical purposes nonwoven fabrics with Costus speciosus against bacteria and fungi contamination
Dr. Heba Assem El-Dessouki 
The Thermal Comfort Properties of Certain Egyptian Stretched Knitted Fabrics
Dr. Rania El Araby
The utilization of mental maps in enhancing creativity in the design process of printed upholstery fabrics
Prof. sohair M Osman
Dr Rania El Araby
Shaimaa A H Shaker
A design Strategy for Printed Upholstery Fabrics for the Elderly  Dwelling.
Dr. Ahmed Samir Kamel Aly
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz Al Shakhs

The Positive Impact of using Visual Effects in Commercial Space Design
Dr. Asmahan Esmael Mohmed Al Nagar
Integrating Satins Strips with Manual Embroidery for Enhancing Ladies Evening Wear Aesthetics
Dr. Mohamed Hassan Al Khashab
A suggested framework for evaluating the status of design by using the concepts of (Prioritization Matrix) and (SWOT)
Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Helal
Sustainable Design Techniques for Glass-Metal Architecture Facades of Public Building
Dr. Khalid M. Elsheikh
Dr. Mahmoud F. El Feky
Deployment of printed RFID in Egyptian apparel retailing
Dr. Maged Kamal
Determine the effective capacity development support services for enhancing the competitiveness of Egyptian Apparel Industry
Dr. Ahmed Samir Kamel Aly
Dr. Dina Fekry Gamal

Change Culture as a Creativity Incentive in Interior Design 
Dr. Mahmoud F. El Feky
Dr. Khaled Talat Yousef
Post-Printing of Colored QR Code on Corrugated Carton Packages
Prof. Ahmed W. Moustafa
Factors affecting the design of lighting fixtures
Dr. Mai Samir Kamel Aly
Interactive Fashion Design with "SCB" Technology
Dr. Amr Mohamed Abdel Kader Hedia
Design as a creative industry achieving creative economy for developing countries
Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Taha Almandrawy
Safety design of side rails for metal medical beds
Dr. George Wagih Aziz
Impact of Gamification in Human Behavior Modification Through Fun Design
Dr. Khaled Talat Yousef
Dr Randa Darwish Mohamed
Dr. Tamer Ali Abdelmageed

Determining Arabic Typefaces suitable for Flexible Packaging Printed by Flexography
Dr. George Wagih Aziz
Dr. Manal Helal Ayoub
Ahmed Ragab Abdel Tawab
Enhancing the Speedball Racket effectiveness by Grip Redesign
 Volume (5) Issue (2) April 2015
Dr. Saied Abdel Ghafar Enany
A new unconventional method to avoid smoking risk and to control  the aesthetics for pottery surfaces
Dr. Laila Amer Al Qahtany
Signage systems and impact on sustainability of hospitals interior design
Dr. Amany Ahmed Khedr
Dr. Ola Mohmed Samir Esmaiel
A new perspective of the functionalism theory in the application of kinematic interior design technology (A case study on residence dwelling)
Dr. Hoda Ahmed Ragab Abdel Rahman
The Competitive ability in the design of printed upholstery fabrics as a small scale enterprise for the enhancement the Egyptian economy
Dr. Ahmed W. Moustafa
A compilation of anthropometric data for generic design purposes
Dr. Khalid Mahmoud Elsheikh
Fighting counterfeiting, suggested strategies to protect apparel and products designs
Dr. Manal Mohamdy Taha Al Adawy
Origami as a Sculptural Art in Textile Printing Design
Dr. Doaa Ismail Ismail Attia
Biomimicry in Eco–Sustainable Interior Design: A Natural Ventilation Approach
Dr. Enass Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan
The semiotics of pictogram in the Signage Systems
Dr. Manal Helal Ayoub
A simplified procedure for anamorphic sculpture
Dr. Ahmed Safy Eldeen Mohmed Zakaria
The use of ecological alternatives in constructing usable engineering models in recreational areas
Dr. Olfat Shawki Mohamed
Dr. Wafaa Abd Elradi
Designing a training program to develop the students' skills in building fashion design portfolios
Dr. Rehab Mohmed Aly
Dr. Awatef Baheeg Mohmed
Prof. Mohmed Abdel Monem Ramdan
Treatment of Gauze Fabrics with Chitosan loaded Silver Nanoparticles for Use in Medical Fields
Dr. Mohamed Elsaied Dorgham
Dr. Mohamed Abd El-Gawad Abd El-Fatah

The effect of certain geometrical construction elements on flame resistance property of velvet fabrics
Dr. Ahmad Bahaa Aldeen
Dyeing of Egyptian cotton fabrics with orange peel using the padding technique
Dr. Zainab Ahmed Abdel Aziz
Prof. Ahmed W Moustafa
Abeer Naguib El Saied Haraz
An ergonomic evaluation of a sample of clothing design labs in a number of academic institutions in Egypt
Prof. Mohamed Aballah Elgamal
Prof. Ibrahim Hanafy Mohamed
Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Elsheikh
Mina Edward Farag
Installing and Developing a KPI System for a Garment Factory
Dr. Amany Ahmed Mashhor Hendy
Samar Salah Noaman Ebrahim
SWOT Analysis Applied to the Development of Furniture Industry in Damietta.
Dr. Amany Ahmed Mashhour Hindy
Nehal Jabil Abdel Moneim Zahra
Exploitation of agricultural waste in the manufacturing of contemporary furniture design
Dr. Mona Mahmoud Shams El Deen
Reaching a model for realizing the sustainability concept in ceramic products design.
Dr. Eman Ibrahim Badr Surkn
The Experimental approach activation for creative skills development of interior design and furniture students
Dr. Eman Ibrahim Badr Surkn
An undemanding approach for rsolving systems and scientific methods of artificial lighting measurements in interior design projects.
Dr. Nesreen Nasr Eldeen Hassan
Dr. Nashwa Mostafa Hafez Mohamed    
An investigation into the physical and functional properties and sew ability of Faux leather
Dr. Eman Moustafa Ibrahim Rehan
Embroidery stitches as a new creative approach in metal work assembly and decoration
Dr.Eman Rafat Saad
Effect of sewing machine and thread type on the quality of leather garments
Dr Noha Saied Asaad Nukity
The effect of interior design on the children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Dr. Safaa Ebrahim Abd Al fatah Hanfy
The aura in the development of a color system for enhancing product aesthetics in the field of industrial design
Dr. Maged Kamal
Developing a conceptual model for restructuring Apparel sampling development process using virtual reality technology
Dr. Hoda Ahmed Ragab abdel Rahman
Dr. Sahar Ahmed Ebraheem Mansour
Inspiration of Egyptian Postage Stamps in the design of printed one-piece Touristic Upholstery Fabrics
Dr. Mohamed Shohdy Ahmed
Classification of lighting sources and convenience for lighting fixture design
Khaled Talaat Youssef
Using of flexographic printing plates for producing an organic field effect transistor
 Volume (5) Issue (3) July 2015
Dr. Sawsan M Ammer
Color Management in Digital photojournalism in Middle East  News Agency
Dr. Ghada AhmadMohamad
The Role of Tests and Manikin in Defining Fabrics Thermal Characteristics
Dr. Mohammed Tawfik Abd Ellfattah (UAE)
Camera Phone Photography for Social Media
Dr. Abeer A Alawad (KSA)
A practical study on students’ behavior in relation to adherence to school rules and stairway displays
Dr. Mohsen Jaafarnia (China)
Dr. Ravi Mokashi Punekar (India)
Automobile Design: Identification of effective visual elements of form
Prof. He Renke (China )
Dr. Mohsen Jaafarnia (China)
Dr. Fang He (USA)
Shiliang Li (China)
Comparative Historical Study of Changsha kiln Ware: Design for  Persian Islamic need
Dr. Ghada Al-Gamal (Egypt)
A Study on the Effect of Modified Feed-dogs on Satin Fabrics
Dr.Amira Kadry (Egypt)
The Creative Concept and its role in Advertising Design
Dr. Ayman Mohamed Afifi Amer (Egypt)
A nontraditional method for combating car theft“an industrial design point of view”
Dr. Heba Assem El-Dessouki, (Egypt)
Effect of Different Washing Methods on Mechanical Properties of Egyptian Denim Fabrics
Dr. Rania Mosaad Saad (Egypt)
Internet impact on the development of the furniture designer’s skill and experience
Dr. Nashwa A Tawfeek (Egypt)
Dr. Asmhan Ismail El-Naggar
Amal Mohamed El-Feky
Scientific miracles of the Holy Quran inspired to enhance aesthetics of women clothing
Dr. Abeer Hamed Ali Ahmed Swidan (Egypt)
Dynamic architecture and its impact on interior design and furniture
Dr. Rehab Ragab Mahmoud Hassaan (Egypt)
Conceptual design basics of fashion and clothing, An analytical study
Prof. Rushdi Ali Eid (Egypt)
Dr. Asmhan Ismail El-Naggar
Shaimaa Hamdi
Artificial fur for enriching aesthetic and functional Value of ladies wear
Dr. Hoda Mohamed samy Ghazy (Egypt)
Dr. Elham Abd Elazez Mohamed Hassanin (KSA)
The employment of green fashion in recycling Evening wears
Dr. Nawal Ahmed Ibraheem (Egypt)
The technique of blue color in ceramics and its interaction through the different ages
Dr. Nermin Maged Elkasaby (Egypt)
The revival of benefits and reimbursement of rural houses in  association with Contemporary interior design
Dr. Ashraf Hussein Ibrahim (Egypt)
The Throne of King Tutankhamun as Egyptian Environmental System
Dr. Mohammed Hassan Ahmed Mohammed Imam (Egypt)
The Effect of Digital Technology on the Morphological Building in Furniture Design
Dr. Mai Sameer Kamel Ali (Egypt)
The Positive Impact of Visual Communication  Technology on Fashion Products
Dr. Zeinab Shehata Mohamed (Egypt)
The impact of sewing technique variables on the characteristics  of men shirts Stitching Joints
Dr. Hanan H Yashar (Egypt)
Dr. Nashwa A Tawfeek
Wesam A Kamal
The Use of Leather Materials in Evening Wear Design Adapting Cubism Trend Concepts
Dr. Nashwa Mostafa Hafez Mohamed  (Egypt)
Dr. Nesreen Nasr Eldeen Hassan
The Influence of Knitted Fabrics’ Structure on Adequate Stitch  Type and Density for Performance apparel
Dr. Akmal Abdelrahman (Egypt)
Murals between Site-Specificity and Digital Technology Towards Innovative Mural Design
Dr. Hanan Atef Kamal El-Din (UAE)
Dr. Mervat Medhat Ali (Egypt)
Developing Assessment Rubric in Graphic Design Studio-Based  learning: Experiments in Active Teaching in a Case Study
Dr. Shereen Abdel Kader Al Fayoumy
The use of sustainability principles of Islamic architecture to cope with architectural challenges, a ceramist point of view
Dr. Ahmad Bahaa Edeen
Dyeing of treated  Giza 89  Cotton Fabrics  with Direct Dyes
Dr. Manal Bakry
The effectiveness of a Blended Learning program in enhancing manual skills of hand embroidery and crochet of Home Economics students
Dr. Mohamed Hassan Ahmed Mohamed Emam
The Effect of Digital Technology on the Morphological Building in Furniture Design
Prof. Ahmed Waheed Moustafa
Ergonomic factors affecting the design of manual tools
Prof. E. H. Sherazy
Prof. M. M. Saad
Dr. Osama. M. Kobesy
Dr. Alsaid. A. Almetwally
Dr. Nermin M. Aly 

Characterization of the Tensile Strength Properties of Hybrid Sandwich Composites

Dr. Amany mashhour Hendy
Gender Differences Necessities in Interior Design
 Volume (5) Issue (4) October 2015
Dr. Weaam Mohamed Hamza
A Study on the Efficiency of Using (Sketch Book for  Galaxy) Application in Fashion Design
 Prof. Sally A. El-Ashmawy
 Dr. Irene Isaac
Waleed Nabih  Kassem
A proposed redesign of baby garments attached  accessories
Dr. Eman Mohamed Hashem
The technological innovation and Sustainable product  manufacturing & design
Dr. Sabah Bint Muhammad Ibn Ahmed Bahkali
A Field Study on the Traditional Clothes of Al-  Mikhlaf Al-Sulaymani
Dr. Sakeena M. Abdulrahman Ba Sabrain
The Home Environment Appropriate for Patients with  Multiple Sclerosis
Prof. Tamer Abdel-Latif
Dr. Samar Hany Said
Mai Hassan mohmed
A Study on Creative Climate Barriers in Egypt and  their Impact on Advertising Designer
Mona Mahmud Shams El Din
Threats facing Tableware Porcelain Industry of Egypt  and an approach to combat
Dr. Hadeel Farahat Mohammed Abd El Sabourr
Color selection and the promotion of health and  healing by means of clothing design
Dr. Nermeen Maged Al Kasaby
Inward orientation implemented in the interior design of contemporary housing
Dr. Akmal H. Abdelrahman
Modern art Styles and Digital Technology in Developing  Contemporary Islamic Murals
Dr. Akmal H. Abdelrahman
Commonality Between Verbal and Visual Language A Suggested Method in Teaching 2D Design
Dr. Fatma Mohamed Abdel Monem Darwich
The Role of Old Chinese Ceramics Production Systems in Porcelain Industry
Dt. Nashwa Abdel Raouf Tawfeek
Dr. Rania Hosney Haikal
Working Women's Attitudes towards the Selection of "Newly Innovated Accessories
Dr. Zeinab Shehata Mohamed Amar
A Training Program for Teaching Sewing To Rurall illetral women using hand dimensions
Dr. Nehal Abdel Gawad Mohamed Abu Elkhair
Dr. Eman Bahnasy Ahmed Khodair
Traditional Saudi Folklore Motifs As an Approach to Enrich Tapestry& Upholstery Designs
"Case Study of Tapestry & Upholstery of Touristic Resorts and Rest Houses in Taif City, KSA"
Dr. Khaled Talaat Youssef
The Impact of FM-AM Hybrid Screening and Am Screening on Flexographic Printing Quality
Dr. Maha Mohamed Ammer
Preparing to Learn Reading and Writing Using Manual Printing
Dr. Safaa Ebrahim Abd Al fatah Hanfy
Deriving benefits from mind maps programs in the analysis of product aesthetics
Dr. Khaled Talaat Youssef
Images Rosette Occurrence Eradication on Corrugated Carton Packages printed by Flexographic Post-Printing
Prof. Roshdy Aly Ahmed Eid
Dr. Hoda Mohamed Samy Ghazy
Nesreen Mohamed Esmael Khedr
Heritage Revival by Simulating Men Shirt Designs Through Ages
Dr. Asmahan Esmael Mohamed El Naggar
The Integration of Manual Embroidery Techniques for the Creation of Innovative Evening Wear Designs
Dr. Nashwa Mostafa Hafez
Dr. Eman Rafat Saad
Impact of Washing Stretchy Denim using Neutral and Acid Enzymes and Subsequent Softening Treatment on Physical, Mechanical and Sewing Properties
Prof. Hassan Solaiman Aly Rahma
Dr. Nashwa Abdel Raouf Tawfeek
Dr. Asmahan Esmael El Naggar
Heba Abdalla Basuiny Salama
An Analytical Study of Islamic Spain Ornaments for Innovating Textile Designs of Auxiliary Clothes
Dr Ghada Esmael Al Gamal
Dr. Amro Gamal Eldeen Hasouna
Prof. Alfshtein Hooper
Wafa Elsaied El Sabbagh
Possibilities of Using Different “Tyvek”Techniques  in Wedding Dresses

Dr. Nashwa Abdel Raouf Tawfeek

Dr. Maha Galal Shoaeb

Psychological Adjustment to Name in Relation to Clothing Behaviour of Youth

Dr. Doha Mostafa EL Demerdash

A New Designer's Vision of Women's Fashion from the Standpoint of Biogeometry

Dr. Nawal Ahmed Ebraheem

Benefiting from the experience of other countries in recycling ceramic waste

Rania Aly Abdel Aty

Dr. Eman Gamal Ghozy

A Multimedia Educational Program for Teaching Grading Bodice Blocks (Corsage)

Dr. Yasser Mohamed Alsadek Abdel Aziz

Visual Literacy and its Relation to design education

Dr. mai Sameer kamel
Contemporary Egyptian fashion inspired by Nubian Heritage

 Dr. Yasser Saie elbadaway Abdel Atif
 Inspiring the motion of growth forces in the natural composition as a principle for ever growing spatial architecture
Dr. Samar hany Abu Donia
Dr. Rasga mohmed Aly Hasan
Glass Technology in the Design of Interactive Advertisements
Dr. George Wagih Aziz
A study on how interaction design impinge on controls Style 
 Volume (6) Issue (1) January 2016

Amro Mohamed Galal
The Impact of Technological Evolution on the Design of Cinematic Picture

Lin Wang
Zhenyi Su
Sophia Ainslie
Hui Chen
(Corresponding author. E-mail:
Confocal Images and Visual Design

Amira Kadry
The Persuasive effect of using Visual Metaphors in Advertising Design

N. Mahmoud
Ahmed El Shaikh
Bahira Gebaly

Overview of Cooling Effect on the Thermal Comfort for Car Drivers

Haitham Mohamed Galal Mohamed
Industrial Design Role in Creating Daily use Products Inspired by Space Artifacts

Mervat Medhat Ali
Feasibility Study methodologies Applied for the Introduction of a Graphic Design for Media Bachelor Program on Basis of Academic Accreditation Criteria

Doaa Ismail Ismail Attia
Impact Of Society Cultural Trends On House Design Identity

Maha Mohamed Amer
Arabic Calligraphy in the Design of Contemporary Printed Wall Hangings

Hadeel Farahat Mohamed Abd El Sabour
Sports Logo As a Marketing enhancement tool of Printed Sports Wear

Aliaa Bent Abdel Aziz Al Fadda
A Suggested Proposal for Saudi Touristic Jewelry Design and Marketing Approach

Randa Darwish Mohamed
Braille Readability in Packaging Design of Egyptian Pharmaceutical
Packaging for Visually Impaired

Rania Mosaad Saad
Applications of planned behavior theory in the design of smart open
Kitchen furniture to boost performance

Fawzy Saied Sherif
A New Prospects to Enhance the Commercial and Economical Status in Textile Industry

Nasr Mostafa Mohamed Mostafa
Digital printing as an alternative printing system for short run label production

Mohamed Hasan Ahmed Mohamed Emam
The conceptual design of the basic unit of adminstrational Design Work Cells building Unit

Rehab Mahmoud Mohamed Kamel Al Hebary
The interrelationship between Aesthetics and Ergonomic Aspects in the process of Product Design

Sherif Atia Mohamed Badran
Methods of employing digital Images into 3DTV Production

Safa Ebraheem Abdel Fattah Hanafy
The role of sacred geometry in enhancing the appearance of industrial design products

Nermin Maged Al Kasaby
Creativity in the design of the entrance chair in reference to the aesthetics of global design foundations.

Said Sobhey Badawi
An innovative Method for the Construction of woven flat flexible Cable (FFC)

Nesreen Nasr Eldeen Hassan
The Effect of Using Laser Engraving on Seam Properties
of Weaving Denim Products

Sherif Atia Mohamed Badran
Methods of animating digital photos in the TV ad

Rehab Gomaa Ibrahim
Fragrance Finishing of Cellulosic Fabrics

Awatef Baheeg Mohamed Ebraheem
The Environmental and Performance Properties Of woven Duck Fabrics for Special Use

Islam M. Obeidat, Ph.D.
Saif M. Obeidat, Ph.D.
Designing for the Elderly: Comfort, Health and Well-Being

Najla Amin Sheikh Naim
Nadia Mahmoud Khalil
Thoraya Ahmed Sayed Nasr

Factors Affecting Traditional Costumes  in Al- Madeeinah Al- Munawara

Mohamed Hasan Ahmed Mohamed Emam
The Influence of the Intellectual evolution in Furniture Design across Modernism Trends on contemporary Design

Wafaa Abd Elradi
The concept of Zero waste fashion and macramé technique to boost up the innovation of women garments designs inspired by Nubian motifs

Bahaa bint Ibrahim bin Abd Al Aziz Al Muhaideb
Dr. Massoudah bint Alam Qurban

The Development of Formative Performance for Productive Families for a role in the revitalization of the marketing movement (A Case Study)  (Full Thesis)
 Volume (6) Issue (2) April 2016

Dr Tarek Bahaa Aldeen Hamdalla  
Dr. Magdy Mohamed Hamed Gazal
A 3d color model based on the spectral response curves of cone cells of the human retyina

Dr. Rasha Wagdy
Dr. Wedian Talaat Madian

Contemporary fashion design inspired by ancient Egyptians costumes and  Nubian architecture motifs in scope of ethical fashion

Dr. Asmahan Ismail Mohammed Al-Naggar
Dr. Rania Hosni Hikal
The impact of external factors affecting aesthetic values of supplementary accessories.

Dr. Nagah S. Ashour a and O. K. Ahmed
Creating Ultraviolet protective clothes using natural dyeing

Dr. Ahmad Alansari  
Dr. Debajyoti Pati

Dr. Sharran Parkinson  
Dr. Kristi Gaines
Dr. Ali Alnajadah
Examining knowledge and skills of Interior Design Students in Kuwait  from Global Design Firm Perspective

Dr. Weaam Mohamed Hamza
A Study on exploiting social media (Facebook) in setting up   a ribbon embroidery art training course

Dr. Donia M Bettaieb   
Dr. Abeer A Alawad 

Interior design, professional practice and competency requirements

Dr. Gehan Foad Mohamed Mahmoud
Global knowledge communication exchange among industrial design educational institutions of Egypt for enhancing innovation and creativity skills

Dr. Nermin Maged Al Kasay.
Controlling of thermal feeling of contemporary dwelling exploiting the thermal effect emitted of different thermal environments.

Dr. Nuha Saeed Asad Nagaiti
Assistant Professor in the interior design department - College of Art and Design – King Abdulaziz University

Design solutions to exploit the vertical plane in the interior space in the accommodation

Dr Sally Ahmed Al Ashmawy
A nanotechnology approach to improve the functional performance of athletes underwear

Dr. Ghada Al Mosalamy 
The impact of the Egyptian environment on the humanitarian and aesthetical aspects in Hassan Fathy architecture

 Dr. Rania Mosaad Saad
The negative effects of wooden furniture industries in Egypt and ways to avoid them

Dr. Radwa Mustafa Mohamed Ragab
Diverse artistic styles in the abstract school and exploitation in the design of contemporary clothes

Dr. Amr Mohamed Galal
An analytical study on the modern history of digital photography

Dr. Nawal Ahmed Ebraheem 
Wood Firing and the resulting aesthetic effects

Basma Abdou Abdou El-Kodary
Creativity in designing Promotional Giveaways
and Their Interactive Ability to Achieve a Corporate Identity

Dr. Mahmoud A. Hasan
Mohamed Abdel Hameed Noman
The Heritage Furniture of Yemen  "Analytical Study"

Dr. Ghada Al Mosalamy 
Plastic and functional features of mud architecture A comparative study between Egyptian Nubian and  Zebaid city of Yemen architecture

Dr. Nawal Ahmed Ibraheem.

Risks caused by ceramic industry emissions and methods of treatment

Dr. Said Sobhey Badawi,
Innovative Processes for the weaving of stretch Fabrics for Technical Textiles 

Mushera Kamel
Visualization Strategies of Advocacy Campaigns in Egypt

Prof. Ismail I. Mahmoud
Ahmed Abdel Ghany
The Space of the Anatolian Carpet, an Analytical Vision

 Volume (6) Issue (3) July 2016

Dr. Wesam Osama Abdel Raouf
Influence of Anti House Dust Mite on Some Performing Properties of Some Flooring Upholstery

Prof.  Zainab Farghaly Abdel Hafeez  
Prof.  Ahmed W. Moustafa
Dr. Hesham Ahmed Assem
Asmaa Salah Esmael Mostafa
A virtual Training Program on the Ironing Skills in Apparel Factories in accordance with Ergonomics regulations.

Dr. Amany Mashhour Hendy  
Damietta wood worker skills between craft dexterity and industrial requirements

Dr. Sally Ahmed EL-Ashmawy 
Dr. Shaimaa Mostafa Abdel Azez
Ghoson Mosad Abdel Azez
Techniques of merging crochet artwork into evening wear fabrics

Dr. Sally Ahmed Al Ashmawy
Design and implementation of modest swimsuit technology

Dr. Rasha Abbas Mohamed Metwally Elgohary
Exploiting hand embroidery in originating a textbook for kindergarten children

Dr. Doaa Ismail Ismail Attia 
Using Nano-Silver Antimicrobial Technology to Obtain Hygienic Indoor Environment.

Dr. Asmaa Hamed  Abdel-Maksoud
The Role of Universal Design in Virtual  Deaf Schools case study " deaf space"

Dr. Rania Mosaad Saad
The revolution of Materials used in 3D Printing applications in Furniture & Interior Design

Dr. Rania Mostafa Kamel Abdel Al
Dr. Wesam Mohamed Ebraheem Mohamed
The Effectiveness of E- Learning on Knowledge and Skill Acquisition in Children Clothing Design and Pattern Making

Dr Ebraheem Mohmed Ebraheem Ibid,
Anti-design movement’s trends in postmodernism era

Dr. Sahar Ezz-ElArab Ramadan Saied
Balancing subjective and objective  expression in interior design.

Prof. Abdel Khalek Nasr
Dr. Nevin Farghaly Baiomy

Mohamed Talal Ab All Abulla
The utilization of Iraqi civilizational hertage in contemporary decorative designs

Dr. Islam M. Obeidat, Ph.D.
Dr. Saif M. Obeidat, Ph.D.
The Relation of Residential Lighting and Occupants Behavior, Perception and Welfare

Soha Mohamed Adib Sharif Mansour
Prof. Atiat Baiomy Al Gabry
Prof. Reem Ragaa Al Asfoury
The effect of visual corporate identity elements in achieving corporate design and exhibition stands design mental Association  

Dr. Marwa El-Sayed Ibrahim Abo AlAsaad
Arabic calligraphy as an aesthetic element in the design of printed women fabrics via global fashion trends

Dr. Gehan M.  Elgamal
3D_ printed ladies clothes  Fabrics

Prof. Hussain Kamel El Nabawy
Prof. Ola Hashem  
Reham Mohsen Aly
Bio-geometric basis of design inspired by ancient Egyptian civilization

Samir Ahmed El-Tantawy
Professor, Spinning, Weaving, and Knitting Department – Faculty of Applied Arts- Helwan University

Amal Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud
Assistant Professor at Home Economics Department - Faculty of Agriculture -Zagazig University
Using Dobby Loom in creating Innovative Designs for the Production of Bed Covers

 Volume (6) Issue (4) July 2016

Dr. Mohamed Shohdy Ahmed

Lighting design in the workplace a challenge for Egyptian designers

Dr. Doaa Isamel Ismael Attia
Using Nano- Silver Antimicrobial Technology to Obtain Hygienic Indoor Environment.

Dr. Aliaa Abd El Salam Turafy
Visual Binary Opposition: A Method to Clarify Meanings of Advertising Messages.

Dr. Ahmad E. Alansari 
Factors Influencing Place Attachment to Middle-Eastern Restaurants in the United States: A Case Study

Three-dimensional techniques in the design and production of clothing

Dr Rania Nabeel Zaki

Dr. Amal Basaffar
Textile and clothing students’ Interests and attitudes towards entrepreneurship

Prof. Abdel Khalek Husain Nasr

Dr. Neven Farghaly Baomy

Aya Gamal Abdelwahed

The  economical significance of ceramic materials aesthetic values  in modern architecture

Prof. Sohair Osman

Prof. Dalia Fekry Gamal

Dr. Nada Saad Eldeen Anwar

The design of children clothes keeping up with global fashion trends for safe, sustainable and ecological  printing methods

Dr. Mai Sameer Kamel Aly
The Impact of Culture Change on the Visual Perception of Fashion Styles

Dr. Nesreen Nasr Eldeen Hassan
An Examination of the Impact of Interfacing Fabric on Woolen Clothes Pilling Resistance

Dr. Samah Mohamed El Sawy
Primary Stage Student's Uniform Design and Production Requirements

Dr. Eman Ahmed Aref Gomaa
An analytical study on Wall Painting adaptaion to Physical and Architectural Environment of Asir Province at the end of Ottoman Empire

Dr. Rehab Gomaa Ibrahim
Ultra-violet Protection and Easy- care Children Garments by Nanotechnology

Dr. Ghada  Mostafa El Zaki Mohamed
Effect of Enzymatic Treatment Sequence on The Dyeability of Cellulosic Fabrics with Natural Dyes

Dr. Nagwan Fathy Mahmoud Badran
A proposed usablility navigation website design: A case study for Benha University of Egypt 

Dr. Rania Mosaad Saad
Furniture design inspired from fractals.

Dr. Emad Eldin S. Gohar

Dr. Rania M.K. Deabes

Dr. Shadia S.H. Salem
The effectiveness of Knock – Off Technique in designing  Men’s Thobe Patterns

Hanan Atef Kamal Eldeen

Prof. Atiat Baiomy Gaber

Prof. Reem Raga El Asfoury
The effect of using the mind map to create new design for window display (An empirical study)  

Dr. Marwa Husain Tawfik

Dr. Shaima Mahmoud mohmed
The application of 3D printing technology in mass production of furniture

Dr. Amany Ahmed Khedr
Static Dynamics of Islamic and modern architecture concepts and applications

Dr. Amany Ahmed Khedr
A Comparative Study on the Western Concept Theories as Inspired by the Islamic Trends in Interior Design

Dr. Rania Shawky
Establishing an educational site to design clothes for beginners

Dr. Dalia Sami Thabet Georgy
Nature inspired in interior design -an experimental study on  the design of the reception area  interiors of a Nile RiverYacht

Dr. Magda Youssef Mohamed Ismail

Dr. Doaa Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Abdullah
Collaborative learning effectiveness in the development of the academic performance  achievement motivation of the clothing and textiles department students

Dr. Fathy Sobhy Haris Elsmadissy 
Linear Degrade Effects from changing wefts  in  textiles design between inevitable and beauty

Prof. Mohamed A. Ramadan

Dr. Hayam Alghazaly

Dr. Aya M. Fawzy

Samia M. Algharably
actile properties of woven fabrics treated with fluorocarbon

Prof. Kamal Ahmed Alsharif

Dr. Wael Mohamed Ahmed Anany

Ahmed Mohammed Elsaadany
The scientific and academic foundations for controling the quality of digital cinema projection.

Prof.Kamal Ahmed Alsharif

A.Prof.Wael Mohamed Ahmed Anany

Ahmed Mohammed Elsaadany
he role of  (ACES)  color space in controlling the color quality of digital cinema image.

Prof. Nashwa Mostafa Hafez

Dr. Eman Raafat Saad

Sara Sameeh Abdel All
The design of creative Apparels employing leather ornamentation techniques

Meaad Khalid Mohmmad Al-jizany

Dr. Shadia Salah Hassan Salim

Dr. Elham Fathy Abdelaziz
The Effectiveness of an educational unit for designing shoes by using a multimedia

Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Taha Almandrawy
Integration of Decorative Iron with Architecture for Modern Art

Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Taha Almandrawy
Design safety for decorated iron stairs used in architecture

Dr. Radwa Mustafa Mohamed Ragab
Contemporary clothing design inspired by the diversity of abstract art styles

Dr Rania Mostafa Kamal Abdel Al
Adjusting the upper part of women basic pattern "corsage" to fit older women bodies' changes

Dr. Manal A. Seif
Identification of Seam Performance of Natural Wool Textile Fabrics
 Volume (7) Issue (1) January 2017
Dr. Mohamed Shohdy Ahmed
A Scheme for the Application of Domestic Lighting Systems Design Criteria
Prof. Mofida Al Ekiaby
Dr. George Wagih Aziz
Hydee Wadee Wahba
An Investigation into Esoteric in relation to industrial Design practices
Dr. Zainab Ahmed Ab El Aziz
Dr. Abeer Najib Said Haraz
An aesthetic vision to enrich university students clothing using Nubian symbols by means of canvas stitch motifs
Dr. Amany Khedr
Dependency and creativity in the interaction with the Islamic heritage in recent design trends
Dr. Wael Mohamed Ahmed Anany
Solving Image Flicker problems when using modern artificial light for shooting a high-speed cinematography and Television
Dr. Donia M Bettaieb
Teaching design project in Interior design Studio; Principles and Concepts
Dr. Magdy Ezzat Abdel Kader
The Impact of Ink Viscosity on the Enhancement of Rotogravure Optical Print Quality
Dr. Alaa Saleh Asaad Habhab
Bridging gab between Reality and  Expectations in KSA workers clothing  
Dr.Sara abdraboh Mohamed abdoh
Ancient Egyptian sculpture values and spirit to enhance the design of contemporary daily used artifacts
Dr. Marwa ElSayed Ibrahim Abo ElEsaad,
Greek Myth In the Design of  Printed One Piece Woven Upholstery
 Dr. Zeinab Mohammed Hussein Mustafa Sweilam
Designing Requirements of Flight Attendants Uniform
Dr. Enas. A. H. El-Okda
A study on the felting propensity of Egyptian and New Zealand wool fibers
Dr.Safa Mohmaed Gamal Ebraheem
Dr.Rehab Mohamed Aly Ismael
The Effect of Potassium Permanganate on the Indigo Coloration Removal Using Printing Techniques 
Dr. Amany M. Shaker
Utilizing the Leno Weave Aesthetic Values in Teaching Weaving for Art Education Students
Dr. Amany Ahmed Khedr
An analytical study on the interactive relationship in the evolution of contemporary and Islamic design thinking
Dr. Nahla Fawzy Ahmed
Improving the Functional Properties of Endless Felt Blanket Used in Transfer-Printing Machines
Prof. Ferial Sherif
Dr. Mohsen Kamel
Nermeen Saied Abbas Ahmed
أBuilding Constructions and Nanotechnology.. A new vision for Architecture
Dr. Ibrahim Esmat Wali
 Enhancing the " Dynamic Range " of Scanned Images
Taha Taha Abu Allyazid Abu Tahoon
Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed
Dr. Naglaa Mohamed Taima
 Color in Joan Miro paintings utilized in the design of women’s printed fabrics
Dr. Nermin Ahmed Sabry Helal
Ornamatics trend as an approach to achieve a contemporary national identity in interior design and furniture
Dr. Gehan Foad Mohamed Mahmoud
Ideas for small scale enterprises inspired by international experience in utilizing shipping containers from the concept of sustainable design
Rehab Ragab Mahmoud Hasan
Avant-garde Experiments to Re-define the Concept of 'Materiality' in Fashion
Prof. Mohamed Aly Abdu
Prof. Manal Mohamdy Al Adawy
Prof. Heba Assem Al Desouky
Reham Ramadan Abdel Fattah
A Study on the Color Value in fashion design
Osama A Hameed Kawashty Hamzawy
Inspection methods and impact on Quality Level of final Products
 Dr Shaima Abdel Ghany Halabia
An analytical study of patterns of the folk costumes of Port Said  Folk art troupe applied to the design of upholstery
Dr. Yasmeen Ahmed Mahmoud Al Kahky
Women clothing ergonomics via textile and leather combinations
Prof. Mofida Sadek Al ekiaby
Dr. Goerge Wagih Aziz
Haydee wadee Wahba
An exploratory study on the relation between esoteric and design
Volume (7) Issue (2) April 2017
Dr. Reham Hasan Mohsen
Hagar Saied Ez Eldeen
The image of Middle East woman between Western Orientalism and Middle  Eastern Art
Dr. Jehan M El Gamal
Dr. Radwan Ali Zeham
Rokia Abu Atia
Balance and movement in building the printed textile design
Prof. Mohamed Ezzat Saad
Mona Amer Esmaiel
 Industrial Design as an aid to “Think Tank” Technique"
Dr. Rania Farouk
A No Advertising Branding Strategy In Confrontation of Ad Blocking
Alanoud Alansari
Kazuhiro Hirao
The Impact of Bimaristans Design on Design Factors of Therapeutic  Buildings, An Environmental Field Study in Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Prof. Mahmoud Yousry
Prof. George Semonian
Amro A Shehata
A Study on Banknote Paper Deterioration Factors by Circulation Simulator  Method (A case study on the 5 Egyptian banknotes)
Dr. Azza Sarhan
University students fashion inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky
Dr Ragaa Mostafa Mohamed Hasan
An educational unit on Brazilian embroidery for enhancing home economy  students level of knowledge and skills
Dr. Rawia Aly Abdel Baky
General Adel Ahmed Tawfeek
Utilizing functional properties of warp knitted fabrics in the forensic evidence
Dr. Ahmed Samir Kamel Aly
Integration design criteria for spaces in Luxury Residential Compound
Dr. Ghada Mahmoud Ibrahim Ouf
An Analytical Study into the positive and negative impact of Cartoon  Animations on kindergarten kids
Dr. Hazem Abdelmoneim Yassen
Study of the Relationship between sewing and fabric Parameters and Seam
Marwa M. M. Khodary 
Hanaa M. El-Rafie
Heba M. Abdel Salam
Mohamed H. El-Rafie
Imparting Eco-friendly Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory Finishing by
Microencapsulation Technique for Cotton Fabric
Prof. Fatma Aly Metwaly
Dr. Shereen Said Othman
Using databases in designing an integrated system to apply ISO 9001/2015 in garment factories
Dr. Weaam Mohmed Hamza
Innovative Designed Girls Clothes Inspired by Human Body Microscopic
Amal Basaffar
Textile and clothing students’ Interests and attitudes towards entrepreneurship
Dr. Fawzi A. Al-Zamil
The Impact of Design Elements on the perception of spaciousness in Interior
Dr. Ghada Mahmoud Ibrahim Ouf
Employing infographic art in the education process
Dr. Khalid Mahmoud El Shiekh
Obstacles facing e-trading in online apparel marketing in Egypt
Mai M. Youssef
Smart Textiles as hybrid interactive materials A responsive behaviour towards
transformable surfaces
Dr. Tarek ahmed El Kholy
Dr. Husain Said Mebed
Effect of yarn number on the deviation angle and properties of  Jersey fabrics produced by knitting machines
M. H. Elshakankeryry
M. H. Kasem
Mostafa E. Al-Ebiary
Predicting Air Permeability of Nylon Parachute Fabrics
Dr. Mona M Adel Al Nahas
Technical standards for designing upholstery fabrics compatible with  variability of TV program studios furnishing
Dr.Bassant Eyada
The Role of Advertising in Crisis Management in Egypt,  Case study “Heinz-Egypt” Crisis
Dr.Mamoud Morsey Garhy
The effect of religious belief the evolution of Gods’ temples in Ancient Egypt
Dr. Huda Othmanan
The Role of Creative Thinking in Advertising Design
Prof. Amany Shaker
Dr. Yousef Abdel Gaied
Ahmed Mohmed Mady Al Naggar
A Proposed Program for the Development of Practical Skills of Art Education  Students in Accessory Design
Mai M. Youssef
Prof. Abdel Hamid Abdel Malik Ali
Mechanical mechanisms through working in details as a kinetic function of  the elements of the design process
Dr Aliaa Abdel Salam Turaify
The Role of Advertising Campaigns in Preserving  The Visual Identity for Egyptian Campaigns Products
Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Elwan
Influence of Ink Viscosity level on Tone Value Increase in Sheet-fed Offset Printing
Dr.Rehab Ragab Mahmoud Hassaan
Concepts and Inspirations of Alexander McQueen's Designs Through the scenography
Dr. Rania Mostafa Kamel
Dr. Shadia Salah Hassan
An Electroni Magazine fo teaching manual Sewing Basics to late childhood females
Dr. Shereen Saied Mohamed
Dr. Mona Mohmaed Saied
Sara Mohamed Saieed
Introducing a digital Technology Based Fashion Design System
nts creativity thinking skills
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