Submission Rules:
Professor Ahmed W. Moustafa
Editor of International Design Journal
Faculty of Applied Arts
 5 Zewail Street " formerly Tharwat st. "
 Orman - Giza

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Publication Conditions:
  • Materials submitted to the  Journal are subject to  a "preliminary review" to observe scientific writing methodology and the observation of  scientific researchwriting  rules. The Editorial Board at this stage determines eligibility for refereeing and shall have the right to apologize for accepting publication without giving reasons.
  • Only innovative materials are accepted, and priority is given to experimental and field research work conducted recently.
  • Locally or internationally previously published work cannot be accepted
  • All materials submitted to the Journal for scientific arbitration are subject to -before publication in the Journal- to an arbitral tribunal composed of two members of the scientific committees for promotion of the Supreme Council of Universities SCU each in his specialty and also a third arbitrator from outside Egypt, in order to determine the validity of research for publication.
  • In the case of  the materials offered need minor or substantial changes, the editor sends the evaluation sheet  with any notes from the referee to the author for correction or reply.
  • If the work is not acceptable  for publication by the arbitral tribunal The editor sends a letter of apology and only %50 of the fees can be refunded to compensate for the refereeng fees .
  • All materials offered  to the journal will not be returned to their owners published or not.
  • Upon arrival after the amendment to the editor the article will be included in the waiting list for the printing process, and researcher receives a letter of acceptance waiting for the issue of the Journal to appear.
  • Number of pages of a paper should not exceed (15) page including all attachments, and summaries. Additional fee for each page ma be asked for.
  • Thesis (MSc or PhD) and book reviews, seminars and conferences reports should not be more than five (5) pages.

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